James Madison Papers

Charles J. Ingersoll to James Madison, 27 January 1835

Philad Jan.y. 27/35

My dear Sir 

Since my son wrote to me last summer after enjoying as he said the delightful presence of the magnificent old democrat of Montpellier, tho’ I have not had the happiness of any direct communication, yet I have constantly heard thro’ Gov. Gales of your situation and health—always, from every body, that your bouayant spirits are undiminished and your conversation what it always has been. Allow me to submit to your judgment a notice I have just published on a constructive power of each house of Congress which seems to me to have been carried too far lately, and which, in our meridian more than your more benignant latitude, is apt to be abused to the purposes of persecution—With my best respects to Mrs. Madison I remain always Yr faithful and most ob. Sert.

C J Ingersoll


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