James Madison Papers

J. H. Campbell to James Madison, 3 October 1834

Columbus Ga Oct 3d 1834


Being a Virginian and having had the pleasure in my Earlier days of often Seeing and hearing you together with the interest which I feel in the present political contest in the South must be my apology for obtruding myself upon you in this manner

The good and wise I know may be always safely approached by the humblest of their fellow Citizens when instruction is their object

Accompanying this letter I send you the address of the Nullification party of our Emidiate Vicinity to their < > in which you will find your opinions alternately lauded and abused I also take the privilidge of Sending you a paper published in this City by myself and another by which you will See that we are the public organs of the Union Democratic Party in this Section of the State

If health and liesure would permit you to throw Some additional light upon the report drawn by yourself and pased by the Virginia legislature I should Esteem it a great favour and condescension on your part

On Monday next (this being Saturday) our Elections come on all over the State for members to Congress and the State Legislature the Contest will be warm but I think not doubtfull believing that the Union party must triumph

I much doubt whether Genl Jackson has a Majority in this State Many Union men being opposid to him though they act with us in our present Elections Your Obt Svt

J. H. Campbell


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