James Madison Papers

Thomas Dyson Clark to James Madison, 12 September 1834

    Savannah, Hardin County Tennessee
12th. Septr. 1834

Venerable Patriot: 

Suffer me to ask a favour of you (as a Relic and a testimonial of that Regard that a father would have to his son) to write to me, your favour & Letter will be Transfixd with my father’s letters and writings. (Samuel Clark of the Revolutionary War who fought under the Immortal Layfeatte. Layfeatte is no more. the Great & Good Layfayaet is no more!! his last advice to us was, according to the old motto "United we stand, Divided We fall, with What Regret did that father of liberty and the Rights of man, look at our Domestic Discords. the Deposite question So long in Congress. Nullification and a thousand other troubles lead on by Designing Demagogues and Disappointed desperate Creatures, whose aim it is to Distract our once Beloved Country. in vain have our fathers fought and Bled. in vain have they struggled against the tyranny of George the 3rd While we, their offspring will Peaceably yield to the fulfilment of the Destruction of our Beloved Country, Perhaps Venrable Sage of american liberty, if the executive, that is the President of these (once Happy united states But no Distracted Country would look as a father would took to his family and let ambition alone there would and is more Room to Heal than to Lascerate. I Digress. But one thing I Know that I fought for my Country in the War of 1812. I went from Louisville Kentucky But if such a partiality of measures will ultimately go on I say in vain that on Raisins Bloody Heath I lost my Blood all for my Beloved Country While a Partial and a Vendictive Dictator Presides. Excuse me Venerable sage my feelings is Enlarg’d Because I love my Country. Give me your favours even in your old age We will shortly go the way of all the earth Farewell

Thomas Dyson Clark


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