James Madison Papers

Thomas Lehre Sr. to James Madison, 15 September 1834

Bradford Springs So Carolina, Sept. 15. 1834.

Dear Sir,

I have been much distress’d to hear, that you have lately been so ill as to be given over by your Physcians, since which, I am happy to learn from an authentic source, that you have got much better, & in a fair way of being restored to your usual state of health. God grant that your health may be renovated, & that you may live for many years, not only on account of yourself, family, & friends, as well as on account of our beloved Country, that you may continue to afford us the aid of your wisdom & Counsils in our present situation.

By the violence of parties which have lately sprung up amongst us, our Political Horizon is very much darkened, I fear we are upon the Eve of a Revolution, which may destroy the Constitution & Government of our blessed Country—I hope God in his infinite mercy will avert such an evil, & not let us fall a prey to the ambition of a few designing demagogues.

The honor you conferred upon me, by appointing me Commissioner of Loans of the United States for this State, at the commencement of the late War with Great Britain, has filled my mind with the greatest Love & respect for you; were I to live to the age of Methusella, I will always cherish a lively remembrance of gratitude to you for your goodness to me, & carry it with pleasure with me down to my grave. What adds to my pleasure on the occasion, is, that I have disharged the duties of the above office, consistent with every principle of Moral Honor, & honesty, as the Books of the Treasury, as well as the very honorable Testimonials I have received from the Comptroller of the Treasury of the United States on the subject. A number of your old friends here, are very desirous to learn from yourself, a true State of your health, therefore, as soon as you can find it convenient to inform me thereof, I will communicate your information to them.

I hope God in his Divine goodness will again restore you to your usual State of health, & let you live to serve your Country with your wisdom & Councils as you have heretofore done. With the highest consideration, I remain, Dear Sir, Your Most Obedt Servt.

Tho: Lehre Senr


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