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1. Diaper Towel.
11 towels
I went last evening to take tea at Mr. Paynes a few minutes after I left home a Candle which was standing on my drawers, owing to a sudden curent of air sett fire to a towel which was thrown over a Basket and in a few moment was in a blaze fortunately it was soon extinguished although I lost several articles of Cloathing which I must tax your Pocket to replace you will perhaps wonder at...
Could you my Dear Mother, without inconvenience, speak for a piece of Diaper towelling, for me? they make it so much better, in your part of the Country than here, that it is really an object to obtain it; I should like it about the width & quality of those you...
...contain all, and I have fixed every thing to the best of my ability; the desk I was fearful would injure the bed, I have sewed it in baize; the screws and key, are also sewed in the towel, I hope they will do no injury. the volume of Hume is there also. I directed the Card to “Alexander B Johnson Esqre. Utica. Care of Whitwell, and Bond, Auctioneers.” purchase me a peice of Russia sheeting and sit Nabby to make it. I have not half sheeting enough for these People which is stout— I also want you to get me a peice of the plain Russia towelling. the sheeting & toweling take a receipt, for as thus “for the use of the Household of the President of the u s[”]— I also want some Tea pots & a coffe pot or two—some tea spoons for the kitchin...
be so good as to get me a dozen yds of diaper for towels I have not one there, and whatever else you think I stand in immediate want of— I cannot bear to go to a place unprovided, when a little forethought and care would save me much trouble, and I...
...a Letter from You— we have abundance of wet weather how is the Season with You? has Mrs Porter got help. I wish if she has, that she would whiten me a cotton sheet or two & some towels which are in a trunk in the Garret. let me know when you think all things will be in readiness? I shall not leave here till after the 4 July. we shall be overwhelmd with military Parade on...
...the water be put in the Kitchen over night & in the morning let the child be dipped in it head foremost wrapping up his head well & taking him again immediately out, put in flannel & rubbed dry with towels. Immediately upon his being. taken out let him have two tea spoons full of brandy mixed with just enough water to prevent its taking away his breath.
attentions. I inclose you a letter to him and am happy in the oppy of being useful to you. as mr Towels
states that the towels previously sent were “a ‘heartsome sight’” but worries that
...John Hawkins of London, he wished me to give him my observations on the means of preserving health, he said that he had thought of publishing on that subject, he said his practice was to wash with a coarse towel of a foot square, then rub dry with another coarse towel and ...bag in which he put his wet Towels, and thus he always had his bath at hand—I have begun the same practice, and find...
...score for a long time past adieu my dear Papa I do not know if I gave you a list of the things most wanting in the house I do not exactly recollect what they were but sheets, towels counterpanes and tea china were I think foremost on the list your linen has not arrived or it would have been made up before your return the children all join in love and anxious prayer that nothing may...
: A stout linen fabric used for toweling (
the table Clothe & towels war found Since
...have examined the fresco paintings of Schneider in Mr. Bruce’s house, and found them equally fresh and vivid as when first done. They bore this appearance before I tried their durability with a coarse towel dipped in soap suds. In that trial the center pannel, on which was painted a landscape, lost nothing; but another pannel nearly opposite to the door of your bed chamber, on which was...
but of flax we are progressing to make all our house-linnen, sheets, Table cloaths, Towels, some coarse linnen, & a piece of fine for my Shirts—
...did some pannels of that work in the house I lived in in N. York. Would you be so good as to get leave to examine them now, see how their colours stand, and even try whether a towel dipped in soap and water and rubbed on them, will affect them? If you find them stand well, I should be very glad to know of Schneider whether
Doulas was a coarse linen used for work shirts and toweling.
for Towel 2 pieces best Nankeen with buttons & Mohair to suit ditto 1 white persian quilted Petticoat 2 Satten Bonnets
1 ps. Huccabuck TowellingHuckaback is a loosely woven, soft cotton or linen towelling.
...of Wine and some other Articles which will be forwarded next Week—should have had the Table Linnen made up but not knowing the length of your Tables or Marquis thought it best to forward it and the Diaper for Toweling whole in Order that it may be made proper sizes.
24 pillow Cases & Towels99 Napkins and Towels
1 brown thing with two drawers to hold water for washing with a hand towel.1 brown thing with two drawers and a yellow porcelain bowl and pitcher for washing and a hand towel
25General Orders, 14 August 1779 (Washington Papers)
, Ser. 5). A receipt of this date signed by Hannah Stewart records $20 paid by “His Excelly Genl Washington to Hannah Stewart” for “making & marking of table Cloths towels” and includes the note, “Recd the above Contents in full” (Revolutionary War Accounts, Vouchers, and Receipted Accounts 1, 1776–1780,
, they were compressed in a towel to seperate all that was soluble. This operation was repeated three times, adding a small quantity of water.Altho the vegetable was sufficiently squeezed in the towel, the juice contained a great quantity of green matter in suspension, which was seperated by filtration, by means of
99 Napkins and Towels27 Towels 27/. 3 Fenders 9/
shirtings, coarse towelling, bedticks, hosiery. shirtings, sheetings, toweling,
291782 Oct. 27. Sunday. (Adams Papers)
...the Tuilleries. You are shewn into a little Room, which has a large Window looking over the River into the Tuilleries. There is a Table, a Glass and two Chairs, and you are furnished with hot linnen, Towels &c. There is a Bell which you ring when you want any Thing.
11 do Towels
9 Sheets 3 table Cloths 3 Towels 4 Pellow Cases
32Memorandum Books, 1767 (Jefferson Papers)
Dowlas was a coarse linen fabric used for towels and shirts (
33Memorandum Books, 1769 (Jefferson Papers)
Gave Jupiter to pay for making towels 2/.
34[October 1782] (Adams Papers)
...the Tuilleries. You are shewn into a little Room, which has a large Window looking over the River into the Tuilleries. There is a Table, a Glass and two Chairs, and you are furnished with hot linnen, Towels &c. There is a Bell which you ring when you want any Thing.
...Woolseys, hosiery of Wool, cotton & thread, coarse fustians, jeans and Muslins, check⟨ed⟩ and striped cotton and linen goods, bed ticks, Coverlets and Counterpanes, Tow linens, coarse shirtings, sheetings, toweling and table linen, and various mixtures of wool and cotton, and of Cotton & flax are made in the household way, and in many instances to an extent not only sufficient for the...
36Memorandum Books, 1784 (Jefferson Papers)
Pd. makg. 2. pr. sheets 8/ do. 12 towels 12/.
37Memorandum Books, 1793 (Jefferson Papers)
Gave Petit to pay for 4. doz. towels 12.
38Memorandum Books, 1790 (Jefferson Papers)
Pd. Robertson for 3 pr. sheets, 3. tablecloths, 15 towels £14–1–3.