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Joel Yancey to Thomas Jefferson, 29 August 1816

From Joel Yancey

Poplar Forest August 29th 1816

Dear Sir

I have had Several conversations with Capt Mitchel, with respect to grinding your wheat but could never learn from him possitively what he ment to do, until a few days past, he declines taking your wheat upon the terms you proposed, and Says he cannot alter the general rule, but he will buy your barrels at 2/– ⅌ barrel delivered in Lynchburg, which I think is not enough, Barnaba and Nace have been getting Staves, building spring House & coopers Shop Since Harvest and will begin to set up flour barrels next week, we finishd getting out the wheat on 20th Inst the grain is fine and I hope it will turn out tolerably well, but our crops of corn and Tobacco are ruin,d by the Drought, a great many refuse to sell their wheat in consequince of it, I hope it is better with you, I think we are rather more than half done fallawing at both places, and shall get done in good time if we have rain, the current price of wheat in Lynchburg is 8/3, and 9/– might have been got for your crop about 10 days ago but I have heard that it has fallen since—your People are all well except Bess, who appears to be much the Same as when you were here, I see Francis very often he is in good health and Spirits, and very anxious for your return to the Forest his Cousin W. Baker is with him. accept my best wishes for your Happiness

Joel Yancey


Capt Martin has disappointed me in not having your timber Ready, he has alwa[ys] told me he could Saw it at any time and that you should have it time enough, but he has put it off, and now he has taken his Dam down and can,t tell when he can Saw or grind, all your timber is lying there untouchd. the amount of your State Taxes 133 dollars & 83 cents—

J Yancey

RC (MHi); edge trimmed; endorsed by TJ as received 4 Sept. 1816 and so recorded in SJL.

TJ’s grandson francis Eppes and Eppes’s cousin John Wayles Baker attended school at the nearby New London Academy.

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  • Baker, John Wayles (TJ’s grandnephew); education of search
  • Baker, John Wayles (TJ’s grandnephew); TJ’s relationship with search
  • Betty (Bess) (TJ’s slave; b.1747); health of search
  • building materials; lumber search
  • Campbell County, Va.; sawmills in search
  • corn; at Poplar Forest search
  • corn; effect of weather on search
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  • Eppes, Francis Wayles (TJ’s grandson); education of, at New London Academy search
  • Eppes, Francis Wayles (TJ’s grandson); TJ’s relationship with search
  • Gillette, Barnaby (TJ’s slave; b.1783); as cooper search
  • Gillette, Barnaby (TJ’s slave; b.1783); at Poplar Forest search
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  • Jefferson, Thomas; Family & Friends; relations with grandchildren search
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  • Martin, James; and TJ’s timber search
  • mills; saw search
  • Nace (TJ’s slave; b.1796); as cooper search
  • Nace (TJ’s slave; b.1796); at Poplar Forest search
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  • Poplar Forest (TJ’s Bedford Co. estate); harvest at search
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  • Poplar Forest (TJ’s Bedford Co. estate); slaves at search
  • Poplar Forest (TJ’s Bedford Co. estate); springhouse at search
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  • Poplar Forest (TJ’s Bedford Co. estate); tobacco grown at search
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  • William & Reuben Mitchell (Lynchburg firm); agreements with search
  • Yancey, Joel (d.1833); as superintendent of Poplar Forest search
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