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Enclosure: Account of Flour Shipped by Thomas M. Randolph & Company, [ca. 12 March 1816]


Account of Flour Shipped by Thomas M. Randolph & Company

[ca. 12 Mar. 1816]

flour sent by Colo T. M. Randolph & T. E. Randolph to mr Gibson on account of Th:J.

1814. Oct. 30. 24.  by  T. E. Randolph’s boat.
1815. Jan. 18. 50. Wm Johnson’s
Feb. 18. 52. T. E. Randolph’s
27. 60. Wm Johnson’s
Mar. 8. 15. Shifflet’s
10. 56. Wm Johnson’s
May.1 10. 66. Colo T. M. Randolph’s
26. 60. John Pierce’s
June 2. 20. Colo T. M. Randolph’s
1816 Jan. 6. 20.  by  Gilmer’s boat.
8. 5. do
9. 15. do
17. 62. T. E. R. & Wm Johnson’s
18. 60. Carver’s
Feb. 20. 52. T. E. R. & Wm Johnson’s
67. sent the last year & now to be delivered

Tr (DLC: TJ Papers, ser. 10); entirely in TJ’s hand; undated; on recto of reused address cover of Wilson Cary Nicholas to TJ, 16 Feb. 1816; with PoC of TJ to Patrick Gibson, 18 Mar. 1816, on verso, and probably also enclosed with the latter letter.

In preparing an 18 Mar. 1816 letter to Patrick Gibson, TJ created an Analysis of Flour Shipments by Thomas Eston Randolph (on behalf of Thomas M. Randolph & Company), [ca. 12 Mar. 1816] (MS in MHi; entirely in TJ’s hand; on verso of RC of Thomas M. Randolph & Company to TJ, 12 Mar. 1816). Repeating all but the last column of the information provided in the document above, TJ added a column of dates and quantities of barrels that Gibson had acknowledged receiving. As of 14 Dec. 1814, 24 barrels of flour had reached Gibson. Two more shipments of 215 and 18 barrels had arrived by 8 May 1815. He received another 110 by 15 June, an additional 16 by 24 June, another 20 barrels by 13 July, and by 14 Feb. 1816 Gibson had accounted for a final 162 barrels, for a total of 565 barrels shipped [misentered by TJ as “569”]. At the foot of the text, TJ drew up a table, possibly to aid himself in drafting his 11 Apr. 1816 letter written to Thomas Eston Randolph as proxy for Thomas M. Randolph & Company:

“1814. 15. crop flour 275 123
rent 213  65 488–188
 1815. 16 crop — 202  15

1A check mark in an unidentified hand is penciled in the margin to the left of this line.

2Here is canceled a date of which the first digit is “1.”

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