Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson to Jeremiah A. Goodman, 13 January 1814

To Jeremiah A. Goodman

Monticello Jan. 13. 14.

Dear Sir

Being desirous that Gill’s waggon should go with Dick’s, and having a job of hauling of corn from a distance and some other things to finish before Gill could go, I detained Dick to help dispatch it, and tomorrow both waggons will set out. the two beeves came in terrible order; the cow so poor that we are obliged to turn her out, and the steer in worse order than some of ours, so that we found it better to change him for one of our own in better order.

I pray you to spare nothing in fattening the remaining one. he may be sent on as soon after the 1st of March as he shall be fat enough. he should come by easy days journies of 12. or 15. miles, & highly fed on the way, or the journey will reduce him too low. he should set out with a good deal of fat to spare. I send by the waggon 17. hats for the men, to wit, Jame Hubbard, smith Will, Dick, Hall, armistead Jesse, Nace, Caesar, Austin, Gawen, Phill Hubard, Daniel, Reuben, Manuel Stephen, Evans, and Hercules.—considering the extravagant price to which salt has got (being from 4. to 6.D. a bushel here) we must suspend for a while the liberal allowance I had directed for the people and go on as we did before, making them do with what is absolutely necessary. if 6.D. at Lynchburg for my tobo is not to be had, send it down as soon as you can, sparing no pains, and regarding no loss in making it of the 1st quality. two of my neighbors, Divers & Rogers, have been offered 8.D. for all they can make this year, and my land is of a quality to make as good as theirs. what you will now send down therefore I shall offer to the person who made the proposal to mr Divers and Rogers, and offer him my this year’s crop for 8.D.

I send up a mare to be wintered. she may be worked in the waggon

Accept my best wishes

Th: Jefferson

RC (University Archives, Stamford, Conn., 1997). Recorded in SJL as a letter to “Goodman Jerem. A.”

A letter from Goodman to TJ of 30 Dec. 1813, not found, is recorded in SJL as received 7 Jan. 1814 from Poplar Forest.

Index Entries

  • Armistead (TJ’s slave; b.1771); hat for search
  • Armstead (Manuel) (TJ’s slave; b.1794); hat for search
  • Augustine (Austin) (TJ’s slave; b. ca.1775); hat for search
  • Caesar (TJ’s slave; b.1774); hat for search
  • cattle; transportation of search
  • clothing; hats search
  • corn; transportation of search
  • Daniel (TJ’s slave; b.1790); hat for search
  • Dick (Yellow Dick) (TJ’s slave; b.1767); as wagoner search
  • Dick (Yellow Dick) (TJ’s slave; b.1767); hat for search
  • Divers, George; tobacco crop of search
  • Evans (TJ’s slave; b.1794); hat for search
  • food; salt search
  • Gawen (TJ’s slave; b.1778); hat for search
  • Gillette, Gill (TJ’s slave; b.1792); as wagoner search
  • Goodman, Jeremiah Augustus; letters from accounted for search
  • Goodman, Jeremiah Augustus; letters to search
  • Goodman, Jeremiah Augustus; Poplar Forest overseer search
  • Hall (Hal) (TJ’s slave; b.1767); hat for search
  • hats; for slaves search
  • Hercules (TJ’s slave; b.1794); hat for search
  • horses; at Poplar Forest search
  • Hubbard, Jame (TJ’s slave; father of James Hubbard); hat for search
  • Hubbard, Phill (TJ’s slave); hat for search
  • Jesse (TJ’s slave; b.1772); hat for search
  • Lynchburg, Va.; tobacco prices at search
  • Nace (TJ’s slave; b.1773); hat for search
  • Poplar Forest (TJ’s Bedford Co. estate); horses at search
  • Poplar Forest (TJ’s Bedford Co. estate); Overseers at; TJ’s instructions to search
  • Poplar Forest (TJ’s Bedford Co. estate); slaves at search
  • Poplar Forest (TJ’s Bedford Co. estate); tobacco grown at search
  • Reuben (TJ’s slave; b.1793); hat for search
  • Rogers, John (of Albemarle Co.); tobacco crop of search
  • salt; given to slaves search
  • salt; price of search
  • slaves; hats for search
  • slaves; salt for search
  • Stephen (TJ’s slave; b.1794); hat for search
  • tobacco; grown at Poplar Forest search
  • tobacco; in Lynchburg market search
  • tobacco; price of search
  • Will (William) (TJ’s slave; b.1753); hat for search