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  • >| John. the Bird is under no controul, and sings so loud, especially if we are reading as to be quite a Nuisance—he is a true worshiper of the riseing sun, and mr Booth is such a church going animal, that we are obliged to shut him up to prevent his disturbing the congregation.
for even common Civility to the Clergy, and for being a Church going Annimal....or Statesman: I Should be charged with vain ostentation again, and a Selfish desire to revise the Remembrance of my own Punctuality in this Respect; for it is notorious enough, that I have been a Church going Animal for Seventy Six years, i.e. from the Cradle And this has been alledged as one Proof of...
Mr. Robinson and his Church went from England to Holland. They staied about a Year at Amsterdam and then removed to Leyden.
...I hear nothing else: so that I am obliged bongré, malgré, as the french say, still to dip a little in that subject: but I don’t care how soon, I leave it off entirely. Mr. Church goes on Thursday.
; but all I said availed nothing. The Bostonians do not follow our Church going example. Here are Miss Welsh Mr: Shaw, & George all wilfully neglected of one of the first duties of Christians, who are enjoined not to “forsake the assembling themselves together”; It is one of the clearest,... are—But, as you know young people are averse to being dictated to, on the Score of Church-going...
...Church was Elizabeth Hamilton’s sister. In 1777 she had married John Barker Church, an Englishman who, under the name of John Carter, had engaged in various business enterprises in the United States. After the American Revolution the Churches went to England, and H acted as Church’s agent in the United States.
...Church in which I was born, which latter is perhaps of most Moment as it is a testimony of the private Character of [an] individual, who tho a sincere friend to genuine Religion is but little of a church going man.
and will really be a means of increasing the number of those who worship God in that way. Many who cannot now be accommodated in the church, go to other places, or stay at home; and if we had another church, many who go to other places, or stay at home, would go to church. I suppose the interest of the church has been far...
John Carter (John B. Church) went to Europe to arrange payment of money owed to him for supplying the French forces during the Revolution. He was accompanied by his wife, Angelica Schuyler Church, and his business partner, Jeremiah Wadsworth.
...laws to prevent smuggling. In Glasgow there is an excise officer to inspect every two snuff manufacturers. The oaths required of the snuff makers are unavailing, even though “Glasgow is the first Church going Town in Europe and I take it the most religious…. And they also require a standing Army to Dragoon the People into a compliance to the Laws frequent Bloodshed between the Military and...
Nonetheless, disestablishment was an accomplished fact, a social symptom of declining interest in organized Christianity. Church-going in Virginia had long been on the decline as communicants found more reasons for attending Sunday horse races or cock fights than for being in pews. In 1784 a foreign traveler in Richmond noted that the village had only...
a Certain Sunday Evening as I came from the Church went to my Lodging the door was Shut upon me I had to Look for Shelter in the next Tavern where I met several Officers which they had orders from Govenor Clinton if any Man would turn out Volenteerly and [...
13Editorial Note (Adams Papers)
...the promulgation of the Charter, the basic principle of establishment was laid down by statute. “Able, learned, orthodox” ministers “of good conversation,” approved by a majority of the church-going voters in a “town or place” were to be supported by taxes levied upon all of the inhabitants. If a town was delinquent in providing itself with such a minister, the Court of General...
It is a curious fact that the one time Morris dined with Charles James Fox was at the home of Alexander Hamilton’s brother-in-law, John Barker Church. Indeed, as soon as Morris arrived in London, Church went off to seek Fox to have him meet Morris. A few days later Morris dined at Church’s and noted that Fox could not be there that day. A week later he again dined at Church’s and