Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from Angelica Church, [15 August 1793]

From Angelica Church1

[August 15, 1793]

Are you too happy to think of us? Ah petit Fripon you do not believe it:—no I am not too happy, can I be so on this side of the Atlantic? ask your heart, and read my answer there.

My silence is caused by dispair; for do not years, days and moments pass and still find me separated from those I love! yet were I in America, would ambition give an hour to Betsey and to me. Can a mind engaged by Glory taste of peace and ease?

You and Betsey in England. I have no ideas for such happiness, but when will you come and receive the tears of joy and affection?

Your devoted


Hamilton, Intimate Life description begins Allan McLane Hamilton, The Intimate Life of Alexander Hamilton (New York, 1910). description ends , 56–58.

1Angelica Church was Elizabeth Hamilton’s sister. In 1777 she had married John Barker Church, an Englishman who, under the name of John Carter, had engaged in various business enterprises in the United States. After the American Revolution the Churches went to England, and H acted as Church’s agent in the United States.

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