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General Orders, 13 September 1776

General Orders

Head Quarters, New-York, sept: 13th 1776.

Parole: Newark.Countersign: Amboy.

Serjeant Clements, late of the General’s Guard, convicted by a Court Martial whereof Col. Malcom was Presdt, of “Remissness of duty”—is ordered to be reduced to the ranks. The General approves the sentence and orders that he be sent back to the regiment from which he was taken.

The visiting officer has again reported that the men from Col. Silliman’s, Col. Lewis’s, and Col. Thompson’s Regiments, go upon guard, deficient in Ammunition and with bad Arms—The General hopes the officers of those regiments will immediately attend to it.

Simon Learned, late Lieutenant in Learned’s Regiment, having resigned his Commission as Lieutenant, is appointed Paymaster to said regiment.1

Genl Fellow’s Brigade to remove into the adjoining Out Houses, and raft the boards which compose their present Encampment, to Kingsbridge, or such part of them, as may be deemed necessary by him.

A disappointment with respect to a proper place for the removal of the sick, in some measure vacates the Order of yesterday, and the following is now to be attended to, and obeyed—The situation of the Army rendering it difficult to make that provision for the relief and support of the sick in the City of New-York which their cases may require—In Order the most speedy and effectual manner to remove the sick to some place where they can be supplied with every thing necessary for them, the General directs the Surgeons of each Brigade, under the immediate Inspection of the Brigadiers, to examine the state of the sick, and to make a list of the names of such as they suppose can remove themselves to the Brigadier General of the Brigade, who is desired to send such Convalescent persons to some convenient place in the Neighbourhood of New-York, to be chosen by, and be under the care of, a discreet Officer, and one of the regimental Surgeons, who is, in the most prudent manner, to make the necessary provision for the reception and support of such Convalescent Persons, who are immediately to be returned to their regiments when their health will admit of their doing duty. Such as are so ill as not to be able to remove themselves, are to be collected under the care of another officer of the like Rank, in one place and notice given to the Director General of the Hospital, that they may be taken proper care of. In each of the above cases, the superintending officer is permitted to lay out money, in the most frugal manner, for the comfortable Subsistence of his sick, which will be allowed him on rendering his account.

Mr Hendrick Fisher is appointed Paymaster to Col. Prescott’s regiment.2

Charles Hobby Hubbard Esqr: to Col. Serjeant’s Regt until the person arrives who is designed for that office.3

Varick transcript, DLC:GW; Df, DNA: RG 93. , Orderly Books, vol. 15. Except for the passwords, the first part of the draft through the second sentence of the fifth paragraph is in Joseph Reed’s writing.

1Simon Learned (Larned; 1753–1817) served as a second lieutenant in Col. Jonathan Brewer’s Massachusetts regiment during 1775, and on 1 Jan. 1776 he became a first lieutenant in Col. Ebenezer Learned’s 3d Continental Regiment. Appointed a first lieutenant and adjutant of the 4th Massachusetts Regiment on 1 Jan. 1777, Learned was promoted to captain in March 1778. A year later he was named a brigade major, and in 1782 he became an aide-de-camp to Gen. John Glover. After Learned’s military service ended in June 1783, he settled in Pittsfield, Mass., as a merchant. He served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1804 to 1805, and during the War of 1812 he was colonel of the 9th Infantry Regiment.

2Hendrick Fisher, Jr., of Bound Brook, N.J., who had been a first lieutenant in the 1st New Jersey Regiment since 16 Dec. 1775, served as paymaster of Col. William Prescott’s 7th Continental Regiment until late November when he was named a first lieutenant in the new 1st New Jersey Regiment. Fisher resigned in September 1780.

3Charles Holby Hubbard of Massachusetts was killed on 23 Sept. during an attempt to recapture Montresor’s Island.

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