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Memorandum by Gerard E. Stack to Thomas Jefferson on Curriculum for Charlottesville Academy, [April–May 1819]

Memorandum by Gerard E. Stack on Curriculum for Charlottesville Academy

[April–May 1819]

The following course of classical education is proposed by Mr S. for the Charlottesville Academy.

Latin  Greek
Mair’s Introduction. Testament. John & Acts.
Cesar. 4 Books. Lucian. Murphy 2 Books
Prosody. Nelson’s Exercises.
Sallust. Cataline & Jugu war. Xenophon 4 Books.
Virgil. Ecl. Eneid 6 Books, & Georgics. Epictetes. Tabula.1 Cleanthes.
Horace. Odes, Satires, Epistles & Art of Poetry. Homer 12 Books.
Juvenal. 1. 2. 3. 10. 13. 14 Satires. Persius. Demosthenes. περι στεφανου.
Terence 3 Comedies. Longinus.
Cicero’s Orations Antiquities Potter.
Livy 5 Books.
Tacitus. Antiquities2 Adams or Kennet.
Composition in Latin prose & Verse in imitation of the Latin Poets.
Gradus ad parnassum.
Virgil the last 6 Books
Terence  〃 〃 3 Comedies.
Livy 〃 〃 40 Books
Xenophon  the last 4 Books.
Homer the last 12 Books
Cicero de oratore Euripidis.
Pliny’s Letters. Sophocles.3
French. }

MS (ViU: TJP); in Stack’s hand; undated; endorsed by TJ: “Stack.”

nelson’s exercises: William Neilson, Greek Exercises, in Syntax, Ellipsis, Dialects, Prosody, and Metaphrasis (2d ed., Edinburgh, 1806, and other eds.; Poor, Jefferson’s Library, 13 [no. 851]). Περὶ τοῦ Στεφάνου (περι στεφανου): On the Crown. gradus ad parnassum (“a step toward Parnassus”) was “a dictionary of prosody” long in use “in English public schools, intended as an aid in Latin versification” (OED; for TJ’s copies, specific edition unknown, see Sowerby, no. 4798; Poor, Jefferson’s Library, 13 [no. 872]).

telemachus was François de Salignac de la Mothe Fénelon, Les Avantures de Telemaque (Paris, 1699, and other eds.; Sowerby, nos. 4305–7), while gil-blas was Alain René Le Sage, Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane (Paris, 1715–35; repr. London, 1769; Sowerby, no. 4346).

1TJ mistakenly interlined “Cebetis” (Cebes of Thebes) above the next, not the preceding, word.

2Manuscript: “Antiqiuties.”

3Recto ends here.

Index Entries

  • Adam, Alexander; Roman Antiquities search
  • Aeneid (Virgil) search
  • An Introduction to Latin Syntax (J. Mair) search
  • Archæologia Græca: or the Antiquities of Greece (J. Potter) search
  • Ars Poetica (Horace) search
  • Bible; Acts referenced search
  • Bible; John referenced search
  • Bible; New Testament search
  • books; classical search
  • books; dictionaries search
  • Caesar, Julius; writings of search
  • Charlottesville Academy; curriculum of search
  • Cicero; orations of search
  • Cleanthes; works of search
  • Conspiracy of Catiline (Sallust) search
  • Demosthenes; On the Crown search
  • Eclogues (Virgil) search
  • education; French language search
  • education; Latin search
  • Epictetus (Greek philosopher); works of search
  • Epistles (Horace) search
  • Euripides; works of search
  • fables; French search
  • Fénelon, François de Salignac de La Mothe; Les Avantures de Telemaque search
  • French language; study of search
  • geography; study of search
  • Georgics (Virgil) search
  • grammar; study of search
  • Greek Exercises, in Syntax, Ellipsis, Dialects, Prosody, and Metaphrasis (W. Neilson) search
  • Greek language; study of search
  • Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane (A. R. Le Sage) search
  • history; study of search
  • History of the Jugurthine War (Sallust) search
  • Homer; works of search
  • Horace; Ars Poetica search
  • Horace; Epistles search
  • Horace; Odes search
  • Horace; Satires search
  • Juvenal; works of search
  • Kennett, Basil; Romae Antiquae Notitia: or, The Antiquities of Rome search
  • Latin language; dictionaries search
  • Latin language; study of search
  • Le Sage, Alain René; Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane search
  • Les Avantures de Telemaque (Fénelon) search
  • Livy; works of search
  • Lucian; dialogues of, E. Murphy edition of search
  • Mair, John; An Introduction to Latin Syntax search
  • Memorabilia (Xenophon) search
  • Murphy, Edward; edits Lucian’s dialogues search
  • Neilson, William; Greek Exercises, in Syntax, Ellipsis, Dialects, Prosody, and Metaphrasis search
  • Odes (Horace) search
  • On the Crown (Demosthenes) search
  • On the Sublime (“Longinus”) search
  • Persius Flaccus, Aulus; works of search
  • Pliny (the Younger); letters of search
  • poetry; study of search
  • Potter, John (Archbishop of Canterbury); Archæologia Græca: or the Antiquities of Greece search
  • Romae Antiquae Notitia: or, The Antiquities of Rome (B. Kennett) search
  • Roman Antiquities (A. Adam) search
  • Sallust (Gaius Sallustius Crispus); Conspiracy of Catiline search
  • Sallust (Gaius Sallustius Crispus); History of the Jugurthine War search
  • Satires (Horace) search
  • Sophocles; works of search
  • Stack, Gerard E.; and Charlottesville Academy search
  • Tabula Cebetis search
  • Tacitus, Cornelius; writings of search
  • Terence (Publius Terentius Afer) search
  • Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro); Aeneid search
  • Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro); Eclogues search
  • Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro); Georgics search
  • Xenophon; Memorabilia search
  • Xenophon; works of search
  • “Longinus” (Greek critic); On the Sublime search