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Thomas Jefferson to Nathaniel H. Hooe, 24 September 1810

To Nathaniel H. Hooe

Monticello Sep. 24. 10.


The preceding is the copy of a letter I wrote to mr John Dangerfield, which I had intended for yourself also, having always transacted the business which is the subject of it as a single concern, & remitted the amount of what was due to both the ladies in one sum. you percieve by that that the double accident of distress for corn, & the delays of a tenant have caused my omission of paiment, which I have so much regretted. Observing that the mill was well-stored with flour, I proceeded 3. or 4. days ago to require paiment & to distrain on failure. mr Shoemaker was just then starting for Richmond with some boatloads of flour. it was the first time this season the state of the river had permitted it. he gave me such assurances that he would pay me out of that cargo1 half the money due to mrs Dangerfield & yourself, and the other half out of the next, that I accepted his promise. the means he now possesses, and my power over2 them with the determination to use it, cannot fail to enable me to send on the balance soon. in the mean time I have written to messrs Gibson & Jefferson to recieve the 250.D. which Shoemaker is now to pay and to place it in the Fredericksburg bank at the order of mrs Dangerfield and yourself by moieties. I state below what I understand to be the division of interests between you. be assured I shall not suffer this matter to rest till the balance is remitted; and accept my best wishes & esteem.

Th: Jefferson

Mrs Dangerfield.  Mr Hooe
Edmund 70. D.   Billy 80.   P.S. as I believe you are convenient will you be so good as to communicate this letter to mrs Dangerfield.
Warner 69.  Tom 74.
Sampson 60.  Jack 60.
Polly 40.  Sampson 55 
239  269 

PoC (MHi); at foot of text: “Nathanl H. Hooe esq.”; endorsed by TJ. Enclosure: TJ to John Daingerfield, 2 Aug. 1810.

TJ probably asked gibson & jefferson to recieve the 250.d. in his letter of this date to George Jefferson, recorded in SJL but not found.

On 4 Oct. 1810 TJ asked David C. Ker to deposit the enclosed “sum of two hundred and fifty dollars subject to the orders of mrs Sarah Dangerfield of Coventry and mr Nathaniel H. Hooe, by moieties each, not having any means of conveying it to themselves directly. they are informed that the deposit is made in the bank about this time” (PoC in MHi; date corrected by TJ from 4 Sept.; at foot of text: “The President of the bank of Fredericksburg”; endorsed by TJ). On 9 Oct. Ker replied from the Office of Discount and Deposit in Fredericksburg that he had received and deposited the money as directed (RC in MHi; at foot of text: “Thos Jefferson Esqr”; endorsed by TJ as received 10 Oct. 1810 and so recorded in SJL).

1Word interlined in place of “boatload.”

2Word interlined in place of “of.”

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