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Results 11-20 of 30 sorted by date (ascending) very momentous to us. I Cannot recollect that there is Any thing in the Impost Act, which marks a preference to Any other Foreign Power, when put into Competition with You, possibly some very trifling difference between French brandies and your West India spirits.
6. gallons good French brandy. If none, send good rum.
do. French brandy.
French brandy 10. gallons. if none, then good rum.
Your several favors of Aug. 30. Sep. 24. Oct. 7th. and 8th. have been duly received, together with the articles thereon noted to have been sent. The French brandy and the Lisbon wine both tapped by the waggoners, tho’ the latter was in a double cask. They knocked out the head of the outer one. I will leave directions with Colo. Nicholas Lewis, who superintends my...
Tobacco, French brandy, tropical fruits are smuggled from the U. S. through Lake Champlain into Canada.
rum or French brandy
 15. gallons good French brandy.
...dozen bottles of lemon-juice by any good conveyance, or rather desiring Hemings to send them & apply to you for the cost. if there be a danger of it’s spoiling it might have a sufficient quantity of French brandy put in to keep it. the bottle you sent, pure, came in perfect order: but whether this could be counted on I am not a judge., but prevents the bottles in some measure from bursting. a raison thrown into each bottle, assists it much, & makes it sparkle like Champagne; if you bottle small beer, by throwing a teaspoonful of good French brandy in a bottle, it adds much to its taste, & saves the bottles—direct that no more brandy, be left in the bottle than sticks to it by rincing, in which you have the Cyder put.—...