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List of Groceries for Gamble & Temple, [6 August 1795?]

List of Groceries for Gamble & Temple

[6 Aug. 1795?]

 75. ℔ of coffee, as old as you can. (not green)1

125. ℔ brown sugar. clean and dry.

 50. ℔ white sugar. single refined.

[10.] ℔ chocolate

 50. ℔ rice.

 25 ℔2 of water biscuit. what they call crackers.

[10.] ℔ of raisins

 10. ℔ of bitter almonds

  3. ℔ black pepper

  1. ℔ allspice

  ¼ ℔ nutmeg

  ¼ ℔ cloves

  ¼ ℔ cinnamon

  ¼ ℔ ginger

  5. ℔ sago

  a keg of cod’s tongues and sounds.

 50. ℔ myrtle wax candles, moulded. (no other kind)

 15. gallons good French brandy.3


    dried figs.

    do. dates.




 1. ℔ blacking

50. bush. salt


   lamp oil

PrC (MHi); entirely in TJ’s hand; undated, but assigned on the basis of SJL (see note below); two sets of digits altered and blurred; insertions in ink by TJ as recorded in notes below; endorsed in ink by TJ on verso: “Gamble & Temple.”

According to SJL, TJ exchanged 29 letters with Gamble & Temple, all between 24 June 1795 and 24 Aug. 1796, none of which has been found. Since the entries for TJ’s letters to the firm of 6 Aug. and 1 Dec. 1795 refer to “groceries,” the Editors have conjecturally assigned the list to the first of these dates.

1Preceding two words and parentheses added in ink.

2Digits and unit of measure inserted in ink in place of “a keg.”

3TJ added the remainder of the list in ink.

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