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Thomas Jefferson’s Notes for a Settlement with William D. Fitch, 17 February 1816

Notes for a Settlement with William D. Fitch

Notes for a settlement with mr Fitz.

There are 3. subjects of account between us.

1. the Warehouse 2. Rent for his tenemt. 3. firewood.


The Warehouse. this account was settled with Craven Peyton to the end of the year 1808.

 1809.  I settled the account for this year on the 6th Aug. 1813  £
thus. 1810. Aug. 6. By paimt of Oglesby & Fitz to J. H. Craven  5–12–[6]
By my order on them in favr of J. H. Craven 19–12–1
1813. Aug. 6. By balance for 1809. now recd in cash 16–13–8
41–18–3 [= 139.71]
for 1810. & downwards there has been neither settlemt nor paiment

Firewood and rent. mr Fitz. pd Craven Peyton for firewood for 1807–1808 [12.D.]

1811. Oct. 1. a regular lease in writing @ 11.D. a year for firewood was signed

1813. Apr. 6. mr Fitz pd me for wood & rent  20.D.
Sep. 6. he pd to E. Bacon for do 20.D.
1814. Apr. 5. he pd for firewood 7.D.

these accts for rent & firewood for 1809. & downwards are unsettled, & no payments on them but the above 47.D


1815 June. we bot of him 31. galls whiskey @ .85. & pd him by an order on Gibson & Jefferson for 26.35.

Th: Jefferson

MS (MHi); entirely in TJ’s hand; edge trimmed, with bracketed material supplied from Dft; endorsed by TJ: “Fitz. Wm Feb 17. 16.” Dft (MHi); written entirely in TJ’s hand on both sides of a single sheet; undated; consisting of two versions, both repeating the information in MS, with one side, headed “Wm Fitz,” organized in separate sections on warehouse, firewood and rent, and whiskey, and the other side, headed “Wm Fitz in acct with Th:J,” arranged as an account.

William D. Fitch (ca. 1792–1848) was the son of William Daniel Fitch, a woodworker and wheelwright with whom TJ first transacted business in 1771. The younger Fitch worked as a tobacco inspector, leased space in TJ’s Milton warehouses as early as 1808, and was active in the local Masonic lodge. He ran a tavern in Milton before relocating by 1831 to Charlottesville, where he operated various taverns and public houses. Fitch died at the University of Virginia (MB description begins James A. Bear Jr. and Lucia C. Stanton, eds., Jefferson’s Memorandum Books: Accounts, with Legal Records and Miscellany, 1767–1826, 1997, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Second Series description ends , esp. 1:261, 2:1135, 1259; TJ’s Account with Craven Peyton for Rents and Profits from Henderson Lands, 1801–7 Jan. 1811, enclosed in TJ to Peyton, 28 Oct. 1812; Woods, Albemarle description begins Edgar Woods, Albemarle County in Virginia, 1901, repr. 1991 description ends , 58, 194–5, 400, 403; Richmond Enquirer, 19 Feb. 1814; Proceedings of a Grand Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Virginia [Richmond, 1817]; Richmond Enquirer, 18 July 1823, 22 July 1831; Lay, Architecture description begins K. Edward Lay, The Architecture of Jefferson Country: Charlottesville and Albemarle County, Virginia, 2000 description ends , 87, 148; Richmond Whig and Public Advertiser, 10 Oct. 1848).

In undated notes on his account with mr fitz, TJ recalled that “Mr Fitz’s lease for firewood was dated June 1. 1812. 11.D. a year. in my acct with him which I gave mr Bacon are 2. paimts for wood I gave Th: J. Randolph an order for the wood rents one year I do not remember the year exactly, but it was about 1815” (MS in MHi; on verso of a reused address cover to TJ; entirely in TJ’s hand).

A missing letter of 20 Feb. 1816 from craven peyton to TJ is recorded in SJL as received the same day from Monteagle. The regular lease for firewood was probably similar to the agreement with James Marr printed above at 6 Feb. 1813.

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