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3951[Diary entry: 7 April 1796] (Washington Papers)
7. Cool in the morning, but warmer afterwards wind getting to South West.
3952[Diary entry: 21 March 1796] (Washington Papers)
21. Morning lowering—but clear afterwards. Wind So. Et. growing warm.
3953[Diary entry: 11 April 1796] (Washington Papers)
11. Wind at No. Wt. and cold all day.
3954[Diary entry: 1 May 1796] (Washington Papers)
1. Clear and cool all day. Wind at No. Wt.
3955[Diary entry: 26 April 1795] (Washington Papers)
26. Came to George Town.
3956[Diary entry: 11 September 1795] (Washington Papers)
11. Breakfasted at Baltimore. Dined & lodged at Spurriers.
3957[Diary entry: 6 July 1790] (Washington Papers)
Tuesday 6th. Exercised on Horse-back betwn. 5 & 7 Oclock in the Morning. At 9 Oclock I sat for...
3958[Diary entry: 30 April 1795] (Washington Papers)
30. Rogers’s—Susquehanna.
3959[Diary entry: 29 August 1795] (Washington Papers)
29. Thick morning clear & hot afterwd.
3960[Diary entry: 10 July 1790] (Washington Papers)
Saturday 10th. Having formed a Party, consisting of the Vice-President, his lady, Son & Miss...
3961[Diary entry: 1 May 1795] (Washington Papers)
May—1st. Came to Wilmington.
3962[Diary entry: 9 September 1795] (Washington Papers)
9. Do. Clear & very warm.
3963[Diary entry: 13 September 1795] (Washington Papers)
13. Do. at So. Wt. with Showers. Warmr.
3964[Diary entry: 24 January 1797] (Washington Papers)
24. Wind in the same quarter & thawing fast. Went to the Pantheon in the evening. [26] went to...
3965[Diary entry: 6 October 1789] (Washington Papers)
Tuesday 6th. Exercised in a Carriage with Mrs. Washington in the forenoon. Conversed with Genl....
3966[Diary entry: 14 February 1797] (Washington Papers)
14. Fine Rain—Wind in the same quarter. Mercury 38.
3967[Diary entry: 19 May 1791] (Washington Papers)
Thursday 19th. Received & answered an Address from the Citizens of Augusta; dined with a large...
3968[Diary entry: 10 October 1789] (Washington Papers)
Saturday 10th. Pursuant to an engagement formed on Thursday last—I set off about 9 Oclock in my...
3969[Diary entry: 9 June 1791] (Washington Papers)
Thursday 9th. Set off very early from Moores but the proper ferry boat being hauled up, we were a...
3970[Diary entry: 23 May 1791] (Washington Papers)
Monday 23d. Dined at a public dinner in the State house with a number of Gentlemen & Ladies of...
3971[Diary entry: 29 January 1790] (Washington Papers)
Friday 29th. Exercised on horse back this forenn.; during my ride, Mr. Johnston, one of the...
George Washington President of the United States of America. To all whom it may concern. The...
3973[Diary entry: 27 June 1791] (Washington Papers)
Monday 27th. Left Mount Vernon for George town before Six Oclock; and according to appointment...
3974[Diary entry: 4 January 1796] (Washington Papers)
4. Remarkably mild—clear & pleasant. Wind So. Wt.
3975[Diary entry: 19 February 1790] (Washington Papers)
Friday 19th. Exercised on horse-back about 9 oclock. Walked afterwards to my New House. Received...
3976[Diary entry: 3 July 1791] (Washington Papers)
Sunday 3d. Received, and answered an address from the Inhabitants of York town—& there being no...
3977[Diary entry: 9 March 1790] (Washington Papers)
Tuesday 9th. A good many Gentlemen attended the Levy to day; among whom were many members of...
3978[Diary entry: 23 February 1790] (Washington Papers)
Tuesday 23d. Few or no visiters at the Levee today, from the idea of my being on the move. After...
3979[Diary entry: 29 October 1795] (Washington Papers)
29. Do. Do. Do.
3980[July 1795 (1)] (Washington Papers)
1. Wind at So. Et. Raing. more or less all day. 2. Do. at East—cloudy more or less. 3. Do. do....
3981[Diary entry: 13 March 1790] (Washington Papers)
Saturday 13th. Exercised about 11 Oclock with Mrs. Washington & the Children, in the Coach.
3982Proclamation, 10 May 1792 (Washington Papers)
In the name of the United States. To all to whom these Presents shall come. Whereas it hath been...
3983[Diary entry: 3 April 1790] (Washington Papers)
Saturday 3d. Exercised in the Coach with Mrs. Washington and the Children. Gave notice to the...
3984[Diary entry: 26 June 1795] (Washington Papers)
26. Do. No. Wt. Clear & cooler all day.
3985[Diary entry: 16 July 1795] (Washington Papers)
16. Do. Do. but clear & warmer.
It has been agreed, on the part of the United States, that a treaty or conference shall be held,...
3987[Diary entry: 30 June 1795] (Washington Papers)
30. Do. Do. Cloudy forenoon. Rain after.
3988[Diary entry: 20 July 1795] (Washington Papers)
20. After doing business with the Comrs. of the fedl. City I proceeded on my journey & got home...
3989[Diary entry: 12 December 1795] (Washington Papers)
12. Rain, with the Wind at East.
3990[Diary entry: 20 July 1795] (Washington Papers)
20. Do. Do. Do.
George Washington President of the United States of America. To all to whom these Presents shall...
3992[Diary entry: 25 December 1789] (Washington Papers)
Friday 25th. Christmas day. Went to St. Pauls Chapel in the forenoon. The Visitors to Mrs....
3993[Diary entry: 26 March 1791] (Washington Papers)
Saturday 26th. Spent the forenoon in my room preparing papers &ca. against my arrival at George...