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I have answered a letter from this man, a few days ago, stating that the bills would not be paid unless Congress ordered it, & that to that body he might apply MHi : Coolidge Collection.
I enclose two letters from the collectors of Delaware, & Barnstable respectively with the intended answers. Are they correct? Respectfully Your obedt. Servt. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
David Parmelee, who is recommended, [and] applies for the appointt. of agent, will make an excellent Commissioner vice Thrimble. He was E. Kirby’s friend, taken with him to Mobile, where he acted as clerk to the board and since Mr. Kirby’s death has been the efficient man of the board. His experience added to previous acquirements seem to qualify him in a particular manner. DNA : RG...
The petitioner is imprisoned; and I find that the application, which is supported by a recommendation from the jury, is intended for the President, in order to obtain a pardon. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
The following is the designation of the office at Sacket’s harbour— With great respect Your obedient Servt. Augustus Sacket of New York, Collector of customs for the port of Sacket harbour Do—   Inspector of the revenue for the sd. port Commissions awarded as soon as convenient DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I understand Mr Harrison’s nomination has been negatived. As we must within twelve days make a large remittance to the Comr. of loans, it is desirable to know whether it be intended that Mr Harrison should continue to act under the temporary commission & how long? Respectfully Your obedt. Se rvt. I enclose a special application DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I enclose the only recommendation for the office of “Surveyor of the port of Darien and Inspector of the revenue for the same” created by an Act of last session. The office is unimportant, and the emolument very trifling. With respectful attachment Your obedt. Servt. Mr Spalding is the member of Congress for the district where Darien lyes, and lives in the vicinity. DLC : Papers of Thomas...
If you approve, I will send the enclosed on Monday to the Committee. May I, when conversing with them, say that it is the opinion of the Executive that it would be better at this time to suspend the act? or in what manner & with what modification must the opinion be expressed? I mean to friends— Respectfully If you can send me an answer to morrow, it will enable me to make the communication...
I have the honor to transmit Adam Gantz’ petition praying for a pardon, the effect of which will be the remission of a penalty incurred by reason of an infraction of the revenue laws, and his releasment from confinement. His former petition had on your suggestion been returned to him in order that the district judge’s certificate, which accompanies this, might be obtained. I have the honor to...
I once more enclose the Sandy hook papers. It is true that some of the alterations which you proposed in the agreement are at variance with the letter which I had previously written to Pendleton— Respectfully Your obedt. Sevt. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
For information Copy of our answer to Dr. Mitchill Chairman of the Senate’s committee on the bill containing the arming of private vessels who had applied by private letter to know what were the intentions of administration on that subject— DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I enclose for your signature a proclamation for the sale of certain lands under the law also enclosed. I have filled the days so as to be at the most favorable season of the year for sales & not to interfere with the State elections. Respectfully Your obedt. Servt. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
The enclosed application which is grounded on the power given to the President, by the embargo act, to permit vessels to sail under his immediate direction , is respectfully submitted to the President for his decision. Quere Do the words immediate direction justify special permits for private purposes? DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
It does not seem that, under existing laws, any difference can be made between a Haytian and any other foreign vessel. But the directions of the President are respectfully requested in this case— DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
The enclosed bill was presented this day for payment, and the question arises whether any salary was due. There are no documents in the Treasury shewing whether Mr Duffield ever went to N. Orleans, was qualified by taking the usual oath, or acted at all as a Judge. Nor do we know when or how he resigned. As it is probable that he sent his resignation to you, you may perhaps give some...
I enclose another San Domingo question. Does Mr Dallas’s opinion as given at large in the Aurora embrace the case? Will you have the goodness to examine the question? It would be truly desirable to have an Attorney General to whom to refer cases of this kind. Respectfully Your obedt. Sevt. Recommendations for light house keeper and a letter from Mr Carr are also enclosed DLC : Papers of Thomas...
Recommendations in favor of Lewis Duvall as Commissioner of loans Maryland by Gabriel Duvall N. Harwood (his father in law) J. Johnson Messiers Hall Members of Duckett } Executive Council Ghiselin Maryland He is a merchant, a republican, married DNA : RG 59—LAR—Letters of Application and Recommendation.
keeper of light house lately erected on Franklin island. Orchard Cooke the member of the district recommends Mr Lowell as keeper. To the President of the U. States —his obdt. St. DNA : RG 59—LAR—Letters of Application and Recommendation.
The transactions at Jersey (Powles hook) are certainly infamous. The Surveyor Williams a federalist has cleared & will continue to clear cotton stored there. We have no successor ready; but we must stop his career. Permit me to announce that he is dismissed. The Collector of Amboy may in the mean while & until we have a successor ready, manage the business. Respectfully Your obedt. Servt. DLC...
Candidates John Stricker recommended by Robt Smith—repub. Delozier the surveyor—a moderate federalist Brice depy. collector   do—recommended by Stephen Edmund Custis unknown — Mr Parks is recommended by his brother in law Mr M’Elderry a State Senator. He is republican but not conspicuous. he is married to the sister of G. Washington who married Mrs. Madison’s sister DNA : RG 59—LAR—Letters of...
I have the honor to enclose a report on the subject of the expenses incurred by debtor States in fortifying Ports and Harbours. I have the honor to be with the highest respect Sir Your obedient Servant DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
The enclosed were received during my absence. Is it necessary to give any particular directions on the subject particularly as respects the restriction of anchoring ground? Respectfully submitted DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I have the honor to transmit a statement shewing, as far as returns have been received from the collectors, the number of vessels which have departed from the United States with permission between the 22d of Decer 1807 & the 30th Septer. 1808, and specifying the other particulars contemplated by the resolution of the Senate of 14th Nover. last. New Orleans is the only important port from which...
The repeated neglects on the part of Mr Neufville Comr. of loans for S. Carolina to render his accounts, as stated in the written memorandum from the Comptroller’s office, render a delinquency probable & a removal necessary. The enclosed letter from Mr Gaillard contains the names of several persons recommended for successors. Respectfully submitted DNA : RG 59—LAR—Letters of Application and...
For information The seizure at Michillimakc. which was ordered to be restored, and is alluded to in the letter of the collector of Miami, is that in 1802 of the goods of Sr. Alexr. M’Kenzie which had been landed at the portage of St. Mary’s falls, and was restored on the application of the British Minister. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I forgot to enclose in mine of this morning the within letter which I promised to lay before you, adding at same time that “the question of propriety as connected with our neutrality appeared doubtful, & that the expense, supposing we had a vessel conveniently to lend, would in my opinion be more than all the benefit accruing to the U.S. from the importation of 500,000 dollars which would be...
I presume that this application may now be granted, informing the party that only one vessel will be allowed. Lang the agent who was here informed me that he had no funds, & that the owner of the ship must be paid for the freight & passage in coffee at Port au Prince. If therefore permission be given, it will be expected that they will be permitted to bring back a cargo equal in value to sd....
I think with you that the cutting out of the Western road, as proposed by Mr Moore, is the most eligible mode, considering the impossibility of making contracts on the spot for completing a part, of applying the appropriation. Will you write to him or shall I do it in yr. name? Respectfully Your obedt. Servt. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
It may be agreed that the land shall be applied to no purpose than light house—& that the keeper shall not keep tavern; but it seems that we cannot agree, that the land paid for shall revert to Mr. Bowdoin if light house be discontinued, nor that the keeper shall not harbour sailors &c. He must be responsible for any trespass to which he is a party, but not the U.S. for him. There must also be...
The security for the office of Receiver must not be nominal. If M. Maury is not worth 10,000 dollars, I will be under the necessity of requiring further security. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I find upon enquiry that the State of New York did in the year 1800, obtain credit, under the several acts of Congress respecting the fortifications of harbours, for a sum of 222,810 dollars, by that State expended in fortifying the islands in the harbour. The accounts &c. will be transcribed by to morrow and transmitted to you so as to enable you to make an official answer to the House— With...
I do not perceive that any alteration is necessary in the enclosed. But I think that it would be extremely invidious not to extend it to all the Governors. Respectfully Your obedt. Sevt. From a conviction that it was to extend to all, I had so informed all the collectors in my circular of Saturday. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I herewith transmit three copies of the annual account of the contingent fund; one of which is usually kept by yourself, & the others transmitted to the two houses of Congress. Respectfully Your obedt. Servt. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
If it shall be thought necessary to do any thing respecting the enclosed application, Govr. Harrison may be directed to appoint an Agent to reside on the spot, to whom we might give about 450 dollars which remain unexpended, with power to apply the same to the purchase of salt, according to the right reserved, at 75 cents per bushel, and to sell it again at 87½; the difference being his...
In the case of the Hampden & Sidney , for which permission had been granted by Govr. Langdon, the affidavits do not appear to me to justify the detention. In the case of the Unanimous there is no affidavit whatever; but only Banks’s information. This however is one of Govr. Sullivan’s permissions for 2000 barrels. I believe flour to be cheaper in Boston than Richmond. The only ground on which...
This is sent only to shew additional reasons for stationing Gun boats in that district. I will send the papers to Massachts. in order that suit may be instituted for the penalty of the bond given under the coasting act. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I have the honor to enclose copies of a letter from the President of the Bank of the United States & of certain resolutions of that institution respecting the exportation of American Dollars. I do not perceive that any thing more can be done than to instruct the Director of the Mint to confine himself as much as practicable to the coining of half dollars in preferance to Dollars. I have the...
I this moment receive yr. letter which Mr. Patton sent after me. I am so much fatigued that I cannot ride all night by the mail; but I will be with you on Wednesday about 2 or 3 o’clock afternoon— With respectful attachment Your obt. Sert. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
For information The amount may be exaggerated; but this shews to what extent the British are supplied from the U.S. with masts & ship timber; & how little Canada itself affords of what in British official returns appears as being the exports of that colony. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
Geo. Warfield wants a greater tonnage than has been allowed by the general regulations. One ton is now allowed for 45 dollars of property: he wants one ton for 15 dollars. He has been informed that no alteration would take place, but still insists that his enclosed application should be laid before the President. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I am clearly of opinion that the issuing of certificates is unnecessary & improper. The monthly consumption by Mr. Lincoln’s computations is 15,000 barrels of flour, or 130,000 a year; which is certainly beyond the truth. Flour is now cheaper at Boston than at New York, Philada. or the Chesapeak. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I will attend to the enquiry in the case of R. Cross; &, if Gen. Dearborne cannot recommend any body, will request Mr Crowninshield to appoint some person to make it—I will with pleasure dine with you to day— With respectful attachment Your obedt. Servt. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
The enclosed communications from the collector of Philada., respecting the admission into port of foreign armed vessels, and sketch of an answer are respectfully submitted. All the other collectors, who have answered the circular, say that no provision is necessary— DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
[ in Jacob Wagner? ’ s hand :] Mr. Pinckney Mr. Gore made no application respecting the exemption of his furniture or baggage from duty. It is not even known at the Dep— State, that any returning American Minister Plenipotentiary has claimed such exemption. [in Gallatin’s hand:] I believe that, in the case of Mr Gore a different construction took place than on the arrival of Mr Trumbull DLC :...
Notwithstanding what was said yesterday respecting Judge Meigs, yet as he is satisfied, & an accumulation of officers is ineligible & will be unpopular, I am glad to have received this morning the enclosed recommendation for Receiver at Detroit. Abbot being a native of the territory is a recommendation; and Hoffman’ opinion is entitled to grea t consideration. Respectfully Your obedt. Ser. DLC...
I enclose, to be returned, five certificates from Gov. Sullivan received since this morning & not included in the account transmitted, amounting to 6,200 barrels flour & 9,000 bushels corn. Of the flour, one certificate for 5000 barrels may be converted into 10,000 bushels corn. I also enclose a letter announcing the death of the Comr of loans of Georgia & recommending a successor. It is one...
I will thank the President for the loan of the survey herein mentioned & which relates, I presume, to the intended communication between the Chesapeake Bay & Albemarle Sound. Respectfully DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I enclose sundry letters which will I hope be sufficiently intelligible. Indisposition prevents my writing more at large. I wish to have the Nantucket letter, signed I believe by Coffin, which stated the vessels that might be trusted. You did not return it; and it would assist me in checking special applications. Respectfully Your obedt. Sevt. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
I enclose Palmer’s commissions which were never sent. The mistake was immediately discovered; but as you were then (in March), at Monticello, they were suspended till your return, & afterwards forgotten. Nothing will be necessary but to withdraw your nomination. Respectfully Your obedt. Sevt. DLC : Papers of Thomas Jefferson.
This claim is an old loan office certificate which might have been funded under the funding act, until it became barred by act of 3 March 1795. The operation of the last mentioned act was suspended for one year by act of 12 June 1798 (Vol. 4th page 123); and the certificate might have been paid off if presented before 12 June 1799: since which day it is barred by the act of limitation above...