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Enclosure: Candidates for Army Appointments from Vermont, [21 August 1798]

Candidates for Army Appointments from Vermont

5 Marmaduke Wait
25 year
Payne123 Young Gentleman heretofore recomd by Morris & himself pretty good
Morris124—education common morals good active enterprising
9 John H Brownson Father Brigadier General125
14 Daniel Baker
Tichenor127 Young Gentleman of Education & fair character well enough
Lt. or Ensn
17 Ephran Whitney
young man good morals
Morris Young Gentleman of good con sprightly fair character & well informed enterprise & active Respectable
⟨–⟩ in education Himself
19 Samuel Parmele
20 Charles Hyde Tichenor late an Ensign in the ar obtained an Office in the army Not Strong
23 Jesse Lull
28 years
Chipman little personal acquaintance but from good information can recommend pretty respectably
Buck128 discreet conduct & martial deport: suitable 2
Morris good education—Confidence in his Recommendations
O Gallop129 acquiremt. in military discipline
S Jacob130—respected in his acquaintan good English education easy circumstances
25 Alexander A Peters
letter inflated
35 year
N Chipman slight acquaintance good education & abilities—good scholar & enterprising Respectable
Tichenor Lt or surgeon
26 John H Palmer
20 years
Ensign engaged in study of law could raise men
No recommendation
his letter very well
1 Zenas Meigs Bradley failed in Trade Not strong
27 years old
Dd Fay131 } respectable
Atty General young Gentle.
modesty respectable family
wont do
not his fault } well qualified for Capt of Marine Corps
N Chipman
2 James Elliot
discharged sergeant
25 or 30
Acknowleges himself heretofore Antifœderal but now well disposed was Non Com Officer in 2 Sub legion—now studying law wont do
Lyon support him
4 William Woodward
Castleton Rutland
Payne heretofore recom~ him as Capt of Artillery would accept Capt of Infantry worthy of appointment Respectable
Does not appear on list orderly sergeant last war 42 years old good Chipman—service whole of last War firm friend to his Country would do honor to a higher grade intelligence integrity
Morris—good education morals Gentlmy deserves Consid
7 John Allen Finch
25 & 30
D Fay— Young Gentleman—
NG character & abilities
Lyon highly suitable to command of company family good whigs—good education
M unsteady dissipated morals & politics bad
Wont do
8 Israel Elliot Trask
Windsor 23 years
Morris—liberal education good politics worthy
S Jacobs young Gentleman of brilliant talents & handsome acquirmts. could easily raise a Company Strong
Payne handsome abilities educated at Cambridge bred to law—friend to Governt.
28 Daniel Biswell wishes a comp
Randolph Payne could say considerable of his merit—but omit it till he can send other testimonials appearance in his favour respectable for Lt. Qr. Ensigncey
Sergeant in 2 Con Reg
not found on army list
Badge of Merit
10 Simson Lester
Chipman—well qualified for the appointment Nothing specific
13 Samuel Walker
Chipman Young Gentleman of education & merit Respectable
15 Alancon Ferris
Tichenor—not personaly acquainted—recommends good
Divers has commanded Regt. of Militia integrity & military talents
16 Simeon Hurd
Tichenor sound last war now Capt of Militia
18 Elihu Field
Morris honest worthy & brave Major in Militia education is he believes adequate Tolerable only
21 Thomas Leverett
33 years
Morris good morals education & family—believes quafied unfortunt in Trade politics formerly suspected now correct pretty well
22 William Switzer
Springfield Windsor
33 years
Chipman agrees with Morris in recommending him }
active enterprising good politics
Morris commanded a Compy of Militia }
Cavalry has been high Sheriff—
good enough education
pretty well
14 common soldier last war active enterprising decent education & information Qr. Ensign
Capt or First Lt
27 Leonard Williams
L: Williams. Aide De Camp to Lt Gov132 has been in practice of law in Comp with Chipman
Elliot133 } his education character & abilities intitle him to higher commiss
Thl. Marshall—respectable Connections
30 George Woodward
Morris liberal education mercantile industry integrity & talents easy in circumstances politics correct Strong
3 Cornelius Lynde
Williams town
48 years
sometime Lt last war
Payne in service part of Revolutionary war educated at Cambrige now a Chief Justice & Brigadier General respectable
Morris—does not appear to possess sufft military talent & information
6 James Sawyer Burlington 40 subaltern Grade N Chipman respectable firm active & brave has been a Lt Col of a Regt
Ensign of Regt Lt Infantry Tichenor—will take a Majority High Sheriff of Chittendon probably good Capt
S Hitchcock135 } industrious active enterprisg
12 John Chipman
Tichenor information & respectability do honor to service Respectable
Qr served to end of last
48 Morris—
52 years
N. Chipman no man in Vermont better qualified than he
S Hitchcock
Morris—good morals was Capt in Warners Regt. active intrepid & of military turn—appointed Major of levies by Gov Clinton
2d Majr. John Chapmen Middlebury Major
1 James Sawyer Burlington 40 Capt No. 1
5 William Woodward Rutland 42 ditto No. 2
8 Israel Elliot Trask Windsor ditto No. 3
3 George Woodward Norwich ditto No. 1
6 William Switzer Windsor ditto 2
8 Ephraim Witney ditto 3
3 Jesse Lull Rutland 1
6 Marmaduke Wait 2
8 Daniel Baker 3

122AD, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress.

In this list of recommendations for Army appointments, those recommended have not been identified. Wherever possible, however, the individuals making the recommendations have been identified.

123Elijah Paine, a Federalist, was a member of the Vermont Assembly from 1787 to 1790, judge of the Vermont Supreme Court from 1791 to 1793, and a member of the United States Senate from 1795 to 1801.

124Lewis R. Morris.

125Gideon Brownson served throughout the American Revolution, first as a captain of the Green Mountain Boys and then as a captain in Warner’s Additional Continental Regiment. He was wounded at Bennington and again at Lake George.

126Matthew Lyon, a resident of Fair Haven, Vermont, and a veteran of the American Revolution, was a Republican. He served in the state Assembly from 1783 to 1786, in 1788, from 1790 to 1791, and from 1793 to 1796. From 1797 to 1801 he was a member of the House of Representatives.

127Isaac Tichenor, a Federalist from Bennington, Vermont, served in the state Assembly from 1781 to 1784. In 1796 he became a United States Senator, but he resigned from the Senate in 1797 when he was elected governor of Vermont.

128Daniel Buck of Norwich, Vermont, served in the Vermont Assembly in 1793 and 1794 and was a Federalist member of the House of Representatives from 1795 to 1797.

129As a presidential elector from Vermont in 1796, Oliver Gallup voted for John Adams.

130Stephen Jacobs was United States attorney for the District of Vermont from 1791 to 1794.

131David Fay, a lawyer from Bennington, Vermont, was that state’s attorney from 1797 to 1801.

132Paul Brigham of Norwich, Vermont, was lieutenant governor from 1797 to 1812. He was a member of the Electoral College in 1788 and 1792 and a member of the governor’s council from 1792 to 1796.

133James Elliot, a Federalist from Vermont, served in the United States Army from 1793 to 1796.

134Abraham Jackson, a resident of Rutland County, Vermont, served in the state Assembly in 1785, 1789, 1790, 1793, 1794, and 1798.

135Samuel Hitchcock was United States judge for the District of Vermont.

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