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Enclosure: Invoice to Robert Cary & Company, 28 September 1760


Invoice to Robert Cary & Company

[Mount Vernon] 28th Septr 1760

Invoice of Sundry Goods to be sent by Robert Cary Esqr. & Company for the use of George Washington—Virginia.

1 pair Crimson Velvet Breeches 1 pair black knit silk Ditto 1 pair Black ditto worsted ditto 1 pair light colo[re]d silk Shag Ditto to be made by the Measure Inclosd to Charles Lawrence1 2 pieces Irish Holland @ 6/ 1 piece of Cambrick for Ruffles, or something else proper if Cambrick is not to be had 1 piece of Irish Linnen @ 2/ 4 Yds fine book Muslin @ 10/ 4 ditto fine white Gauze 1 piece of fine white Canting2 1 piece of white Callico @ 40/ 1 piece of Bird Eye diaper3 for Towel 2 pieces best Nankeen with buttons & Mohair to suit ditto 1 white persian quilted Petticoat 2 Satten Bonnets

2 pr dble Channel pump 4 pr strong Shoes 2 pr very neat Stichd & bound Pumps from Mr Didsbury4 12 rolls best Shoe Blacking 1 pr Womans black Satten Shoes 1 pr ditto white Ditto 4 pr neat black everlasting ditto all to be made accordg to the Meas[ur]e Sent 2 pr Womans black Everlastg Ditto & 2 pr strong leather ditto of large Sixes 6 pr Mens neat white Gloves 6 pr ditto of Norway Doe—above the middle Size—Stichd Tops 6 pr Womans white Kid Gloves 6 pr ditto Mitts 2 pr colourd Gloves 4 pr ditto Mitts

1 Groce Shirt Buttons 1 pair Tabby Stays according to the Meas[ur]e 6 Knots & Breast Knots 3 Egrets5 2 fashionable Fans 4 pieces Diaper Tape—fine 6 M Miniken Pins 6 M Short whites 6 M large Ditto 1 Comb trae, Combs & Powder Box 6 fine horn Combs, & Comb Brushes 2 Bottles westerns lowdried Scotch Snuff

1 dble bitted Bridle with two pair Reins 4 Circingles 6 Girths 3 Sadle Cloaths 6 Strong Snaffle Bridles 2 dozn Hempen Halters with flat Hea⟨d⟩ 6 Coach Whip Thongs 2 Chair Whip Ditto 1 dozn Horse Collars 1 Set of strong Waggon Harness for 5 middle Sizd Horses—N.B. they may be strong but not heavy

1 dozn Beer and Cyder Glasses 1½ dozn Punch Ditto 2 dozn wine Glasses—all of the newest Fash. ½ dozn glass Milk Pots 6 China Mugs two of a Sort 6 ditto potting Pots, 2 of a size—none large 2 large Stone Churns, each to hold 10 Gals. 6 dozn earthen Milk Pans 1 dozn strong Mugs different sizes ½ dozn ditto Pipkins—2 of them to hold a galn each 2 a Pottle & 2 a quart 1 dozn Stone Chamber Pots 1 dozn ditto wash Basons  12 white Stone Butter plates

½ Rheam common writing Paper 2 quire large Dutch Paper & some pastboard 6 papers Ink powder 1 Box Wafers 1 Jar best Raisons 1 large Stone pot of Currts ½ Bushels Almonds in the Shell ½ lb. Nuts 4 Oz. Mace the same qty of Cloves & Cinnamon & 5 lb. Comfits different sorts 6 lb. Ginger 3 lb. Allspice 1 dozn bottles flower of Mustard

6 House Brooms 6 Hearth Brushes 1 piece black Ribbon for hair 2 Cloaths flaskets6 1 large Tea Kettle 1 pr Backgammon Tables—large 2 fine hair Sifters 1 dozn Course Hair Ditto 25 Salt Petre 2 dozn Packs playing Cards A Tin Candle Box with a Lock to it 2 dozn strong course pewter Spoons 1 dozn horn Ditto 1 dozn brass Thimbles sorted 1 dozn Tin Sheets to bake Bread upon 1 dozn Tin Dish Covers sizd 1 pr neat dble bellows for dining Room 6 pieces of Beggars Tape

1 Forty fathom Sein—well Rigd—not to be above 8 Feet deep—to have spare twine and 150 fathom of Rope to haul her by 50 fathom of Line for Leading strings to be a size smaller than Bed Cords 50 fathom of Garden Line

A Very neat Pocket Book—7 Inches long & 4½ wide with several Vellom, or other Leaves that will bear writing thereupon with a Pencil, & rubbing out again—to have a Pencil therein, & a Pocket or two for Papers—to be inclosd and fastned by a Silver Catch 2 Nett Silver Pencil Cases, & spare Pencils for Ditto 2 dozn Common Pencils ½ dozn Mens fine worsted Hose large & long

50 lb. large Bristol Drop Shott 50 lb. bird Shott 70 lb. Small Mould Shott 1 Rundlet red paint Ground in Oyl 4 pair Stilliards midling large 4 large watering Pots 1 Wier Sieve for cleaning wheat 1 Iron Ditto for cleaning Indn Corn The case (which is now sent) to be filld with Pickles—among which let there be 3 bottles of French Olives—and none of other sorts One Cheese of 50 lb. 1 handsome glass Lanthorne for Passage—wt. Lamps & 10 Gals. Oyl for Do 2 pair hand Mill Stones 6 Blank Books for Accts from a very small to a midling size—N.B. not to be Ruld

1 Mahagony Case with 16 Square Bottles in it, each bottle holding a Gallon; and the case to stand upon a frame supported by 4 Legs from the foot of which to the Top of the case let be 2 feet 4 Inches  N.B. let the Bottles be very Strong

Order 25 Sacks of Salt from Liverpool

50 lb. White Bisquet

Hartlibs Legacy of Husbandry—also a new System of Agriculture done by various hands, but collected chiefly from the Papers of Mr Hale7

2 Bushels of Hop clover Seed An Assortment of Garden Seeds N.B. let these and the Clover Seed be fresh and good—and put into the Cabbin, or dont send any

3 dozn bottles Stouton’s Bitters8 4 Oz. Nitre a Dulcis9 1 lb. Orange Peale 1 Quart Orange flower Water 4 Oz. Elixor of Vitriol10 4 Oz. Spirits Sal Armoniac11 4 Oz. Hartshorn 4 Oz. Salvolatile 4 Oz. Tincture of Myrrh  4 Oz. Jallop 4 Oz. Ipecacuana 4 Oz. Diascordium 4 Oz. Syrrup of Poppies12 4 Oz. Conserve of Roses 4 Oz. Contra Irva13 2 Oz. Matthews Pills14 1 lb. Bark prepard 4 Oz. Tincture of Castor 4 Oz. Spirit of Vitriol—all in dble Flint Bottles

1 Hhd best Porter—or the same quantity of Porter in Bottles if the Ship Sails time enough to be here before the Weather gets too warm

1 Dozn Grindstones ½ dozn Grass Scyths 2 Briar Scyths 2 dozn large & strong Padlocks 6 Stock locks—all to have difft Keys 2 dozn handsaw files 2 dozn x cutsaw Ditto 1 dozn whipsaw Ditto 1 dozn pair HL Hinges ½ dozn drawing Knives 2 dozn box Gimblets 2 Whipsaws—of the best kind ½ groce of course, cheap, sheathd Knives for cutting Tobo 10 M 4d. Nails 5 M 6d. Ditto 20 M 8d. Ditto 25 M 10d. Ditto 1000 half Crown Ditto

600 Ells Oznabrigs 350 Yards Cotton 4 dozn pair Mens plaid Hose 4 dozn pair Womens Ditto 2 dozn pair Boys & Girls Ditto 6 lb. brown thread 2 lb. whited brown Ditto 4 Oz. 12d ditto 4 Oz. 2/ ditto 6 Loaves of dble & 6 of Single Refind Sugar

A Light handy Circumferenter15 for Surveying Lands—the Dial plate to be large and well graduated—the Sights to let down by Hinges (and not to slip of as is common) a spare needle in case of accidents—A Load Stone Set—and a Chain to be strong & well fixd—Platting Instruments, nor nothing but what is here specified, is wanting

4 Oz. Gutte vite16 1 pint of Daffes Elixor17 4 Oz. Squires Elixor 2 Wig, or Hair Bags 10 yds light Shag course & strong for Negroe waiting Men’s Breech⟨es⟩ 100 W. white Paint—cheap sort 1 large brass or Iron Lock for an Outer Door

Go: Washington

LB, in GW’s hand, DLC:GW.

The invoice of Robert Cary & Co. filling this order is dated 31 Mar. 1761, and GW acknowledged receipt of the goods on 1 Aug. 1761.

1That is, all of the breeches were to be made by Charles Lawrence. See GW to Lawrence, this date.

2This is probably a Canton cotton fabric.

3Bird’s-eye diaper is a weave with small indentations.

4That is, the shoes for GW were to be got from John Didsbury.

5This refers to egret feathers.

6A clothes flasket is a shallow washing tub.

8Stouton’s bitters is an anthelmintic medicine.

9Spiritus nitri dulcis was used as a diuretic.

10Elixir of vitriol, a tincture of sulfuric acid, was used for stomach disorders.

11Sal ammoniac and vinegar was used to promote discharges through the skin and urinary passages.

12A decoction of sugar water and poppies was used to relieve pain and as a sedative.

13Contrayerva, a powdered root, was used as a diaphoretic.

14Mathews pills were an opium compound.

15This was a surveying instrument supported on a staff or tripod. It has been commonly superseded by a theodolite.

16Guttae vitae was opium mixed with aromatics used for nausea.

17Daffey’s elixir was a purgative.

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