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31[Diary entry: 14 February 1760] (Washington Papers)
14. Ditto Ditto Do. Do. but cloudy.
32[Diary entry: 10 April 1748] (Washington Papers)
Sunday 10th. We took our farewell of the Branch & travelld over Hills and Mountains to 1 Coddys on Great Cacapehon about 40 Miles. James Caudy (Coddy) owned some 98 acres of land in Frederick County. On 19 Mar. 1752 GW noted that “Pursuant to a Warrant from the Proprietors Office I have Surveyed for James Caudy of Great Cacapehon a certain tract of waste & ungranted Land on the So. Fork of...
33[Diary entry: 28 August 1773] (Washington Papers)
28. Warm again, with very little Wind and that Southerly.
34[Diary entry: 25 December 1773] (Washington Papers)
25. Raining more or less all day with the Wind fresh from the Southward. Snow intirely dissolv’d.
35[Diary entry: 19 January 1772] (Washington Papers)
19. At home all day. In the Afternoon Majr. Wagener and Mr. John Barnes with Doctr. Craik came here. John Barnes, eldest son of Abraham Barnes (d. 1777) of St. Mary’s County, Md., had recently gone bankrupt as a tobacco merchant in Port Tobacco, Md. After settling his firm’s affairs, he moved to western Maryland, where he eventually developed a prosperous plantation called Montpelier (...
36[Diary entry: 8 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
8. Dined at Colo. Lewis’s. GW apparently clubbed at Weedon’s again this evening and played cards, winning 5s. ( General Ledger A General Ledger A, 1750–1772. Library of Congress, George Washington Papers, Series 5, Financial Papers. , folio 320).
To answer your Honour’s Letter of the 25th by Mr Birney —I shall begin with assuring you, that nothing was farther from my intention than to recede, thô I then pressd and still desire that my Services may be voluntary rather than on the present Pay—I am much concernd that your Honour should seem to charge me with ingratitude for your generous, and my undeserved favours, for I assure you Honble...
38[Diary entry: 1 October 1768] (Washington Papers)
Octr. 1. Clear and pleasant. Still forenoon but brisk Southwestwardly Wind afterwds.
I was pleased to hear of your alertness in marching to Pattersons Creek upon the last alarm; and doubt not but you will continue to be vigilant and active in the service of your Country; as that is the most certain road to merit applause. I am informed that Mr Parker continues on his place, and has a quantity of Grain: If this be true, I would advise that a party of about twenty or twenty-five...
40[Diary entry: 3 February 1773] (Washington Papers)
3. Ground very hard froze which thawd but little being Cloudy & like for falling weather all day—with the wind what little there was of it Southerly.
Ensign Crawford has referred a dispute to me concerning his rank in the Army. I must determine in his favour: and allow their officers to rank by the dates and dignity of their Commissions. For these reasons—vizt That Companies, tho’ esteemed and called Scouts, are raised and supported upon the same funds as those of the Regiment; have the same pay—entitled to the same priviledges and...
42[Diary entry: 28 February 1770] (Washington Papers)
28. Clear and pleasant with but little Wind & that Southwardly.
43[Diary entry: 25 May 1770] (Washington Papers)
25. Dined at the Palace & attended a Committee of the Association at Hayes. Spent the Eveng. there. A general meeting of the Virginia nonimportation association had been held in Williamsburg 22 May, and a committee of 20 gentlemen, including GW, had been appointed to revise the agreement that the associators had signed the previous year ( Va. Gaz. , R, 3 May 1770; carter [3] Jack P. Greene,...
44[Diary entry: 4 March 1760] (Washington Papers)
4. High Westerly Wind—clear & cool.
45Cash Accounts, August 1759 (Washington Papers)
Cash Augt 9— To Cash of Sampson Darrel for the Rent of Mrs Gists Pl[antatio]n £6. 1.8 10— To Ditto of Mr F. Lewis for 2 Hhds Tobo at Dixon’s WareHo. 38. 3.6 To ditto of Captn Posey Maryland Curry 1. 1.6 27— To ditto of Mrs Manley —Carpenter’s Work 8. 7.6 To ditto for Wool 0. 6.0 *To ditto of Colo. Carlyle for the use of my Horse 0.10.0 To ditto Smithwork of R. Scott pd by Mr Clifton 0. 2.6 To...
Decr. 1st. Clear and pleasant, with but little Wind and that Southerly. 2. Cool & frosty in the Morning but very pleasant afterwards with but little Wind & that South. 3. Clear & calm in the forenoon but lowering afterwards. Wind blowing fresh from So. Wt. 4. Lowering Morning but Warm. Clear afterwards. Wind still Southerly. 5. Wind in the same place & Warm. Abt. Noon Cloudy with a few drops...
Several of your favours now lye before me, but the last of Novr 9th I shall particularly take notice of —with astonishment then did I receive the Account of Sales of that Hhd Tobo pr the Everton where only £8.4.1¼ is renderd for it at the sametime that Mr Cary was selling the like Tobo at £17 & 18£ a Hhd. As to the exceptions which for two or three years past you have made to the quality of...
48[Diary entry: 18 September 1773] (Washington Papers)
18. Went to a Barbicue of my own giving at Accotinck. Mr. Robt. Alexander & his Bror. George came home with me.
I intended to have had a little further conversation with you on the subject of the Florida Lands, but my haste to leave Williamsburg & your Dining out the day I did do so prevented it—I addressd a short Letter to you by way of Memm & left it with Mr Southall—I hope you receivd it, that I may be satisfied you did so, please to advise me as the Govrs Certificates of my Claim was Inclosd...
50[Diary entry: 9 January 1772] (Washington Papers)
9. Very pleasant Mild Morning, & Clear day. Abt. Noon the Wind blew pretty fresh from the Westward but not Cold—Snow melting.
51[Diary entry: 6 May 1772] (Washington Papers)
6. Rid to the Mill, Doeg Run, and Ferry before Dinner. In the Afternoon Doctr. Rumney and Mr. James Adam came here & lodged. James Adam’s visit today and Matthew Campbell’s calls during the next four days must have concerned GW’s current business with Robert Adam & Co.: the sale of 929,700 herring and 10,894 shad for a total price of £184 17s. and the purchase of three slaves for £185 (...
Cards—& other Play Dr 1772 Feby 28— To Cash lost at Fredericksburg 2. 3.6 Mar. 2— To Ditto lost in Williamsburg . 8.9 13— To Ditto lost in Ditto 1. 0.0 16— To Ditto     Ditto 3.10.  17— To Ditto     Ditto .15. 
Letter not found: to Robert Adam, c.13 Jan. 1774. On c.13 Jan. 1774 Adam wrote to GW : “I am favoured with yours.” GW’s missing letter of c.13 Jan. was in answer to a letter from Adam dated 12 January .
54[Diary entry: 15 May 1770] (Washington Papers)
15. A Lowery cloudy Morning but clear afternoon & tolerably warm.
55[Diary entry: 23 January 1772] (Washington Papers)
23. Went up to George Town to convey Deeds to Messrs. Montgomerie Stewart & Wilson for the Marryland Tract of Land wch. was accordingly done Mrs. Colvil being carried up in my Chariot returnd to Mr. Jno. Wests at Night. As arranged at previous meetings, the three merchants today gave the Colvill executors £816 13s. 7d. in bills of exchange drawn on Glasgow firms (see “Remarks” entry for 1 and...
56[Diary entry: 12 August 1770] (Washington Papers)
12. Rid to Belvoir after Dinner to see Sir Thos. Adams who was sick there. Adams’s frigate, the Boston , returned to Hampton Roads without him, while he tried to recover his health at Belvoir. He rejoined the vessel in early September and sailed her soon afterwards to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he died in October ( Va. Gaz. , P&D, 6 Sept. and 18 Oct. 1770, and R, 1 Nov. 1770).
57[Diary entry: 8 September 1773] (Washington Papers)
8. Clear, calm, and warm.
58[Diary entry: 26 December 1770] (Washington Papers)
26. At Home all day alone.
I shall draw upon you in a few days to the Amount of about £150 in two Setts of Exchange: the one payable to Messrs Champe and Hunter of Virginia and the other to Mr Richd Washington of London. I did not think it amiss to give you this earliest advice (via Whitehaven) of my Intentions but should not have doubted your Acceptance of my Bills without it as I in a former of the 12th June advertisd...
60[Diary entry: 22 September 1773] (Washington Papers)
22. My Brother and my self rid to my Mill & returnd to Dinner.