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I have duly received your letter of the 28th ultimo, enclosing a Copy of what you had written to...
Enclosed are sundry letters (as mentioned on the other side) which have come to my hands,...
Since writing to you on the 29th ultimo, I have received a letter from Colo. Parker, informing me...
54March [1797] (Washington Papers)
1. Mercury at 24. Wind Westerly and cold all day. 2. Wind as yesterday; cloudy, cold & Raw all...
55[Diary entry: 4 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
4. Much such a day as yesterday in all respects. Mercury at 41.
56[Diary entry: 5 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
5. Not unlike the two preceding days. M. at 50.
57[Diary entry: 6 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
6. The wind Shifted to the No. Wt. and turned Cold M: 24.
58[Diary entry: 7 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
7. A hard No. Wt. [wind] all day. Hard frost this morning & but little [sun] all day—snowing at...
59[Diary entry: 8 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
8. Very thick morning with sprinkling rain clear afterwards with a brisk So. Westerly wind. Mer. 52.
60[Diary entry: 9 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
9. Wind changed to No. Wt. blew very hard & turned very cold. Mer. at 28. Left Phila. on my...
61[Diary entry: 10 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
10. Dined & lodged at Elkton. Tolerably pleasant all day. “At Elkton . . . Hollingsworth’s is a...
62[Diary entry: 11 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
11. Snowing from day light until 10 Oclock—in the Afternoon a little rain. Breakfasted at...
63[Diary entry: 12 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
12. Lowering, but tolerably pleasant. Breakfasted at Websters. Dined & lodged in Baltimore. Met &...
64[Diary entry: 13 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
13. Breakfasted at Spurriers & dined & lodged in Bladensburgh. Morning lowered but clear...
65[Diary entry: 14 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
14. Dined at Mr. Laws & lodged at Mr. Thos. Peters. Day warm. mr. laws : Thomas Law (1759–1834),...
66[Diary entry: 15 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
15. Recd. the Compliments of the Citizens of George Town as I had done the day before of those of...
67[Diary entry: 16 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
16. At home all day alone. Wind at East & very cloudy all day.
68[Diary entry: 17 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
17. Wind in the same place with rain from 10 oclock until 12—clear afterwards.
69[Diary entry: 18 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
18. Clear—with the Wind fresh from So. Wt. in the forenoon and at No. Wt. in the afternoon.
70[Diary entry: 19 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
19. Wind at No. Wt. and fresh after the morning continuing so all day & cold.
71[Diary entry: 20 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
20. Cool in the morning with the wind still at No. W. but very moderate afternoon.
72[Diary entry: 21 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
21. Wind Southerly and fresh all day—clear.
73[Diary entry: 22 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
22. Wind still Southerly and fresh with appearances of Rain. In the Afternoon wind came out brisk...
74[Diary entry: 23 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
23. Cool in the morning but clear & very pleasant afterwards with but little Wd.
75[Diary entry: 24 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
24. Wind at So. Et. with Rain more or less all day.
76[Diary entry: 25 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
25. Wind for the most part Southerly—and clear.
77[Diary entry: 26 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
26. Wind varying from No. Et. to So. Et. and blowing very fresh.
78[Diary entry: 27 March 1797] (Washington Papers)
27. A little rain fell last Night. Wind Southerly in the Morning & violently all day afterwards &...
79April [1797] (Washington Papers)
Omitted keeping any Acct. of the Weather and Occurrences in this Month.
80[undated diary entry] (Washington Papers)
Omitted keeping any Acct. of the Weather and Occurrences in this Month.
81May—1797 (Washington Papers)
1. Went to Alexandria to settle some matters at the Bank. Day warm—wind at So. Wt. matters at the...
82[Diary entry: 1 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
1. Went to Alexandria to settle some matters at the Bank. Day warm—wind at So. Wt. matters at the...
83[Diary entry: 2 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
2. Blew violently hard all day from the No. Wt. & grew very Cold.
84[Diary entry: 3 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
3. A frost in the morning—Weather variable & cold. Wind So. Wt. & fresh.
85[Diary entry: 4 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
4. Warm, with very little Wd. and that So. Wt.
86[Diary entry: 5 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
5. Warm in the forenoon with the wind at So. Wt. Rain in the Afternoon. Went to Alexa. on...
87[Diary entry: 6 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
6. Warm with the Wind at So. Et.—but not hot.
88[Diary entry: 7 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
7. Wind, after the morning very fresh from the N. W. & turning very cold.
89[Diary entry: 8 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
8. Wind No., a little Easterly and Cool with a shower of Rain abt. 1 Oclock & squally.
90[Diary entry: 9 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
9. Disagreeably cool—tho’ the Wind was shifting to the Southward.
91[Diary entry: 10 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
10. Very pleasant—warm & clear.
92[Diary entry: 11 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
11. Brisk So. Westerly Wind & warm.
93[Diary entry: 12 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
12. Wind in the same quarter but not so much of it but very warm.
94[Diary entry: 13 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
13. Wind No. Westerly and much cooler with appearances of Rain.
95[Diary entry: 14 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
14. Wind at No. Et. & rather Cool—indeed quite so.
96[Diary entry: 15 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
15. Very pleasant, & but little wind—that however was from the No. Et.
97[Diary entry: 16 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
16. Wind No. Easterly, & then to the westward of No. but not much of it. Appearances of Rain but...
98[Diary entry: 17 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
17. Wind Easterly all day and pretty fresh & cool.
99[Diary entry: 18 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
18. Very cloudy all day with the Wind at So. Et. Showers with thunder & lightening in the afternoon.
100[Diary entry: 19 May 1797] (Washington Papers)
19. Wind at No. Et. & cloudy all day with moderate Rain from ½ after 10 until near two.