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Power of attorney by James Madison and Nelly C. Willis to John H. Lee, Kentucky, 28 January 1828

Know all men that we James Madison and Nelly C. Willis of the county of Orange and state of Virginia do by these presents constitute and appoint John H. Lee of the county of Davis and state of Kentucky our lawful attorney with full power to receive and to pursue all lawful means for recovering for use the sum or sums of money, remaining due to us by virtue of a covenant and agreement entered into on the tenth day of April one thousand eight hundred and eighteen by the said Madison and Willis of the one part and Benjamin Bell and Wm. Tapscott both formerly of the county of Jefferson and state of Virginia of the other part touching the sale to them and their heirs as tenants in common of certain lands on or near Farther creek in the state of Kentucky as described in the said covenant; and we give to our said attorney full power, on receiving the said money or satisfactory provision for the payment thereof in whole or in part to make such conveyances of the whole or parts thereof, as he may judge necessary or proper and, in general to agree to and concur in such conditions and compromises touching the final execution of the covenant in the other part as he may judge expedient, hereby ratifying and confirming whatever our said attorney in pursuance of the powers here given, may do, or cause to be done in the premises and we do moreover constitute and appoint the said [John]. H. Lee our lawful attorney with full power to investigate and ascertain all such tracts or parcels of land within the state of Kentucky to which we or either of us may be entitled in law or equity; to pursue all lawful means of receiving and obtaining possession thereof; and also to sell and in due form convey the right and title of both or either of us to the whole or any part of such tracts or parcels and to receive payments therefor, for our use and behoof, in such proportions as may be due to us respectively; hereby, ratifying and confirming whatever may be done or caused to be done in the premises and giving thereto the same validity and effect as if done by ourselves. Given under our hands and seals this 28th day of January in the year 1828.

James Madison (seal)

Nelly C. Willis (seal)

Virginia to wit,

At a monthly court held for the county of Orange, at the courthouse, on monday the twenty eighth of January, one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight. This power of attorney was acknowledged by James Madison and Nelly C. Willis, parties therein, in open court, and entered to be recorded and certified to the proper courts, in the state of Kentucky for record.

(Seal) In testimony whereof I Reynolds Chapman clerk of the county court of Orange county, have hereto put my name and affixed the seal of the said court, this second day of February one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight and of the commonwealth the fifty second year.

Tr (Vi: Orange County Courthouse Records).

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