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Letter not found. 16 December 1796. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 8 Jan. 1797 . Encloses part of Thomas Paine’s Letter to George Washington and the first number of “Pelham.”
RC ( LC : Madison Papers). The cover sheet bears the penciled note, “returned by Mr. M.” JM probably added this many years later, after retrieving this letter, among others, from Jones’s nephew, James Monroe. Agreeably to your favor of the 2d. instt. which came to hand yesterday I shall send this to Fredericksbg. I am sorry that either your own health or that of your lady should oblige you to...
Letter not found. 26 June 1787. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 6 July 1787 . Reports proceedings in the Massachusetts legislature.
Printed text ( Madison, Papers [Gilpin ed.] Henry D. Gilpin, ed., The Papers of James Madison (3 vols.; Washington, D.C., 1840). , I, 76–77). The manuscript is now lost. Besides the text below, JM probably added the news about the army mentioned in his letter of the same date to Edmund Pendleton ( q.v. ). Yours of the eighth instant came to hand yesterday. I was sorry to find the Assembly had...
Letter not found. 28 March 1796. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 26 Apr. 1796 . Probably encloses accounts of House debate on Livingston’s motion calling for Jay’s papers.
Letter not found. 13 March 1792. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 22 Mar. 1792 . Concerns the questions of the appropriate military establishment for prosecution of the war against the Indians, the funding system, and executive influence in legislative matters.
Letter not found. Ca. 19 February 1797. Mentioned in Jones to JM, 23 Feb. 1797 . Informs Jones about the publication of the essays “An Examination of a Late Letter from Mr. Pickering to Mr. Pinckney.”
Letter not found. Ca. 16 December 1795. Mentioned in Jones to JM, 21 Dec. 1795 . Discusses the prospects of proceedings in the House of Representatives on the Jay treaty. Encloses Thomas Knox’s 12 Dec. letter to JM requesting papers concerning the estate of Lawrence Kortright.
RC ( LC : Madison Papers). I am glad to find by your favor of the 5th. inst: recd. yesterday that your health & that of your family have admitted of your going to Richmond. The tardiness of other members is very unfortunate and inexcusable at the present critical moment. I wish when they do meet the vigor & wisdom of their measures may make amends for it. I do not learn that any of the States...
Letter not found. Ca. 20 December 1794. Referred to in Jones to JM, 23 and 26 Dec. 1794 and 13 Jan. 1795 . Mentions that Secretary of State Edmund Randolph plans to write Jones about his request to draw a sum of money on Monroe’s account.
Letter not found. 2 March 1795. In his letters to JM of 21 and 22 Mar. 1795 , Jones acknowledged this letter and another from JM of 4 Mar. (also not found). In the letters JM encloses a letter to John Whitaker Willis (not found), mentions false rumors that he declines to stand for reelection to Congress, and reports the illness of his wife and sister-in-law.
RC ( LC : Madison Papers). I received yesterday yours of the 2d. inst: Some of the questions mentioned in it I anticipated in my last. The clause of the resolutions you left on the table relating to Indian purchases is still undetermined. Many attempts have been made to bring the Vermont dispute to an issue, but the diversity of opinions that prevail on one side & the dilatory artifices...
RC ( LC : Madison Papers). The Post having failed to arrive this week, I am deprived of the pleasure of acknowledging a line from you. Congress have at length been brought to a final consideration of the clause relating to Indian purchases. It was debated very fully and particularly, and was in the result lost by a division of the house. Under the first impression of the chagrin I had...
Letter not found. Ca. 1 July 1794. Alluded to in Jones to JM, 6 July 1794 . Reports the poor condition of wheat crops between Fredericksburg and the mountains of Virginia.
Letter not found. 18 April 1804. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 26 June 1804 . Concerns Monroe’s financial affairs.
Letter not found. 1 December 1796. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 9 Dec. 1796 . Discusses presidential election of 1796.
Letter not found. 5 December 1796. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 9 Dec. 1796 . Discusses presidential election of 1796.
RC ( LC : Madison Papers). Probably at the time that JM recovered this letter from Jones’s nephew, James Monroe ( JM to Jones, 19 September 1780 , headnote), he wrote on the last page, parallel to its right hand margin, “Georgia & S. C.—uti possidetis.” On 8 January 1822 JM sent a copy of the letter, together with copies of other letters relating to the same issue, to Hezekiah Niles, who...
RC ( LC : Madison Papers). JM’s note to Jones is on the upper portion of a page on which Jones, writing below the note, penned his reply. Neither writer dated or signed his communication. Many years later JM docketed the page, “Virga Govr. of (Harrison Jany. 7 1783.” On 6 January 1783 JM and Joseph Jones, who was unable to attend Congress because of ill health, were the only Virginia delegates...
Letter not found. 21 February 1792. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 2 Mar. 1792 . Concerns the terms of the Presidential Succession Act of 1792.
RC ( LC : Madison Papers). JM neglected to include the day of the month in the date line of this letter. The first paragraph, however, makes it almost certain that he was writing on 24 October. Many years later he or a member of his family bracketed the second, fourth, and fifth paragraphs with a view to their publication. Your favor of the 9th. which ought to have come on Monday last did not...
Letter not found. Ca. 12 January 1793. Mentioned in Jones to JM, 21 Jan. 1793 . Encloses newspapers with intelligence of the military victories and the establishment of the First Republic in France. Requests that the papers be forwarded to Ambrose Madison.
Letter not found. 11 December 1796. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, ca. 15 Dec. 1796 . Encloses newspapers with news of presidential election.
RC ( LC : Madison Papers). I had yours of the 25th. Ulto. by yesterdays post. I congratulate you, on the deliverance of our Country from the distresses of actual invasion. If any unusual forbearance has been shewn by the British Commanders, it has proceeded rather I presume from a possibility that they may some time or other in the course of the war repossess what they have now abandoned than...
Letter not found. 27 May 1787, Philadelphia. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 7 June 1787 . Reports attendance at the Federal Convention and the prospect of more delegates arriving.
RC ( LC : Madison Papers). Wishing to recover his letters to Jones, JM wrote for them on 21 October 1817 to James Monroe , the nephew of Jones and custodian of his papers. Monroe returned eleven, all dated in 1780. Of these, the one given below is the earliest. JM, or some other person at an undetermined time, bracketed portions of these letters for publication. The last two paragraphs of this...
Letter not found. 3 April 1795. On this day JM wrote letters to Jones and Arnold Henry Dohrman but in error sent them to the incorrect recipients. These letters were respectively acknowledged in Dohrman to JM, 6 Apr. 1795 , and Jones to JM, 7 Apr. 1795 .
RC ( LC : Madison Papers). Cover missing. The words written by JM in the official cipher are italicized below. A letter from Docr. Franklin of the 4th. of March informs the Superintendt. of Finance that the court of France had granted an aid of six million of livres to the United States for the [ pres ] ent year . It appears however that this aid has been wholly anticipated as well as the aids...
Letter not found. Ca. 18 October 1794, Philadelphia. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, ca. 28 Oct. 1794 . Informs Jones of JM’s marriage and safe arrival in Philadelphia. Inquires about a china tea set.
Letter not found. 26 October 1787. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 22 Nov. 1787 . Requests copy of the survey of the upper James River. Wishes to know where he can obtain some wild crab trees.
Yours of the 26th. Ult: would have been sooner answered, but for the two reasons that I hoped for a second from you subsequent to your expected interview with Mr. Swan, and that I wish’d to learn the post office nearest to you. Neither of these purposes has yet been fulfilled, and I shall address this to Leesburg. I regret extremely that any part of Col M’s property should be disposed of for...
Letter not found. 30 March 1796. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 26 Apr. 1796 . Informs Jones of Washington’s rejection of the House call for Jay’s papers.
Letter not found. Ca. 1 September 1788 . Acknowledged in Jones to JM, ca. 24 Sept. 1788 . Reports debate in Congress on the location of the seat of the new government.
Letter not found. 25 February 1795. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, ca. 3 Mar. 1795 and 22 Mar. 1795 . Mentions Monroe’s land on the Rockcastle River in Kentucky and the price for which Congressman Alexander Dalrymple Orr estimated that it could be sold.
Letter not found. 7 November 1794. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 16 Nov. 1794 . Apparently concerns china being shipped to JM in Philadelphia, a bill on Monroe’s account that has been presented to Secretary of State Edmund Randolph for payment, and a request that ham and bacon be shipped from Fredericksburg to JM.
Letter not found. Ca. 21 January 1795. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 29 Jan. 1795 . Concerns the personal financial arrangements that Monroe as U.S. minister to France has made with Secretary of State Randolph. Encloses a pamphlet.
RC ( LC : Madison Papers). Your favor of the 10th. came by yesterday’s post. I am glad to find you have at last got a house [of Delegates] and have made so auspicious a beginning, as a unanimous vote to fill up our line for the war. This is a measure which all the States ought to have begun with. I wish there may not be some that will not be prevailed on even to end with it. It is much to be...
RC ( LC : Madison Papers). Yrs. of the 18th. came yesterday. I am glad to find the legislature persist in their resolution to recruit their line of the army for the war, though without deciding on the expediency of the mode under their consideration, would it not be as well to liberate and make soldiers at once of the blacks themselves as to make them instruments for enlisting white Soldiers?...
Letter not found. Ca. 12 August 1794. Alluded to in Jones to JM, 14 Aug. 1794 . Explains that JM cannot meet Jones in Charlottesville as planned owing to Antoine’s illness. Asks Jones to inform Jefferson of the delay.
This will be handed you by Mr. Childs who solicits subscriptions to a new Gazette to be edited from his press by Mr. Freneau. The plan will be shewn you & speaks its own merits. Those of Mr. Childs have besides other vouchers the character & success of a paper of which he has long been the printer in New York. With Mr. Freneau I have been long & thoroughly acquainted. He is a man of genius, of...
Letter not found. 7 October 1787. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 29 Oct. 1787 . Sends newspapers containing pieces by “An American Citizen” (Tench Coxe).
Letter not found. 25 January 1788. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 14 Feb. 1788 . Reports proceedings of the Massachusetts convention.
Letter not found. 29 January 1792. Acknowledged in Jones to JM, 10 Feb. 1792 . Requests information concerning the current postmaster, William Wiatt, and buildings occupied by him, at Fredericksburg.