Benjamin Franklin Papers

The American Commissioners to Schweighauser, 27 October 1778: résumé

The American Commissioners to Schweighauser4

ALS: Massachusetts Historical Society; two copies: National Archives

<Passy, October 27, 1778: We have received yours of September 275 and approve your handling of the Thérèse and her cargo. We think you should sign the receipt to Mr. Williams, through the words United States, and omit what follows.6 He should discharge any demands against him and notify us, who stand behind him, without the additional complication of involving you. As to the Directeur des fermes, give him an account of the tobacco delivered him; do not change the price which is settled by contract but inform us of the going rate for tobacco at the time this was delivered. Messrs. Bondfield and Haywood7 have offered space for freighting; contract with them to ship the American goods held by you and Williams if you think their proposal reasonable.>

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

4Published in Taylor, Adams Papers, VII.

5Actually Sept. 26.

6For the transfer of responsibility for the arsenal see annotation to the Schweighauser letter of Sept. 26.

7William Haywood, currently of Bordeaux, Bondfield, and John Gale of Edenton, N.C. posted bond for a letter of marque for the Governor Livingston, before JA and Arthur Lee on Oct. 26. APS. Gale ultimately became her captain: Boyd, Jefferson Papers, III, 90–1.

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