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Notes on Appointments, 5 July 1804


Govr. Claiborne
Secretary James Brown
Judges Pinkney
Hall Distr.
Rodney Thos. Govr. Misipi. (he is judge of Misipi)
Williams Rob.

Marshall. Clouet (11.51.) or Guillot (25.67.18.) Thos Urqhart. 97.110 Fr. E. S

Legislative council
French Americans
Detrehan’s Benjamin Morgan. C.
Cuiserque. 16.56.106. JohnWatkins. C.
Gaspard Dubuiss.* 26.68.74. 9 Petit. 5.45.72.*
Poydrass. C. of Point Coupée 86.113. Fr. Eng. Sp. Evan Jones
Bellchasse 95. C. W. of German coast. Clarke
9 Boré 1.41.84. speaks Fr. only Roman. 107. Attacapas
Derbigny, Eng. Wikoff. 108. Oppelousas. ignort.
Sauvé. Eng. Dr. Dow 96. Eng. Fr. Sp.
George Pollock. 102. N.O.
* speak English
+ reside in country


Commandants. Col. Hammond Colo. George
Col. Meigs. Judge
Col. Gibs. Majr. Mass.
Majr. Hunt Seth. N. H.
Claiborne Fred. Capt.
Hunter John S. Kentucky
Peyroux Henry
Majr. Scott John M. Kentucky
Col Richard Kennon. July 20. wrote to. offered to be Colo.

1804. July 5. on consultation with mr Gallatin.
he accepts if Hoffman Register of Detroit declines, appoint Lewis Bond.
Turner Register of Natchez to remain till Dec. 1. the commn however to go off Nov. 1. enquire as to Thos. Fitzpatrick of S.C. from Briggs. & Claiborne. if do not find him appoint Wm. Bayard Shields. July 20. wrote to Sumpter & Hampton if John Fitzpatrick would accept not ascertaing. whether I should appoint [him Commr.] or Register.
Receiver of public monies × Vincennes. Nathaniel Ewing of Pensva } lie till I return
× Kaskaskias. Elijah Backus.
× Detroit Bates.
 Register. Fitzpatrick Natchez.
   Toulman to be Receiver at Mobile

 Marietta. Collector. Griffin Greene said to be dead. appoint Philip Greene. his son

 Nanjemoy. John Brent collector.


Govr. Claiborne

Secretary. James Brown. July 20. wrote to know if wd accept

Judges of Superior court.



   Prevost. July. 20. wrote to him to know if wd accept

   Rob. Williams

Judge of the District court.

   Dominic A. Hall. July 20. wrote to him to know if would accept.

Attorney of District.

Dickerson Robert Williams. Joseph Story. Mass. Crowninshd. P. Edward Denna. Lancast. Mas.

Marshall. Clouet. 11.51. Guillot. 25.67.78. Urquhart 110.

Govr. Misipi. Thos. Rodney.   Hull.   Baldwin

Minister to Paris. G’enl. John Armstrong
Commrs. to Spain. Jonathan Russell
Pierpoint Edwards
Peleg Morton
Tunis. Irving

Commrs. loans. Mass. Skinner
R.I. Foster?
N.Y. Few.
Distr. Atty N. H. Daniel Humphreys
Marshl. Maryld. Thos. Rutter
Marblehead. Surveyor & Inspector.   Joshua Prentis.
Charleston S.C. Commr. of loans   Isaac Neufville if his father dies

Legislative council
French American
Boré Morgan
Poydrass. Pt. Coupee Watkins
   speaks 3. languages Evan Jones
Bellachasse. Acadn coast 95. 111 Roman. Attacapas
Wikoff. Oppelousa
Dow 3. languages
Derbigny 28.70.115. Eng. Geo. Pollock
Dorsiere. Eng.
Dubuys, 26.68.74. Eng.
Sauvé. 117. Eng.
Cantarelle. Acadn. coast. Fr. Sp. 88.


Judge   Toulman

Collector   Gaines.


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