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[ New York, August 27, 1795. On August 31, 1795, Schuyler wrote to Hamilton : “I thank for you[r] favor of the 27th Instant.” Letter not found. ]
The Secy. of the Treasury presents his respects to the President of the U.S. & encloses herewith a draft of a passport, requested by mr Hammond for a vessel intended by him to be dispatched to Halifax, and which the Secretary understood from the Secy. of State was to be granted by the President. LC , George Washington Papers, Library of Congress. See Edmund Randolph to H, April 16, 1794 .
[ New York, March 29, 1790. On July 1, 1790, in a letter to Hamilton , Jordan referred to “your letter of March 29th.” Letter not found. ]
It has been You are directed to repair on the receipt without You are directed on the receipt of this to repair without delay to Wilmington in the State of Delaware, to be employed in the recruiting Service. On your way thither you will please to report yourself to me either at this City or at Newark in N. Jersey (at your option) for further Orders. With great consideration & ( Df , in the...
[ New York, October 2, 1789. On December 30, 1789 , Clay wrote to Hamilton: “I received your very obliging favour of the 2d Octr.” Letter not found. ] Clay was a Savannah merchant and planter who had served as paymaster general of the Continental Army in the Southern Department.
Treasury Department, December 18, 1789 . “I have received your Letter of the 6th instant, with the laws of Virginia accompanying it.…” LS , RG 36, Collector of Customs at Alexandria, Letters Received from the Secretary, 1789–1795, National Archives. Letter not found. H had requested the revenue laws of each state in “Treasury Department Circular to the Collectors of the Customs,” November 25,...
[ Albany, March 18, 1795. On March 30, 1795, Jones wrote to Hamilton : “Your favor of the 18th. instant has been duly received.” Letter not found. ]
[ Philadelphia, March 31, 1791. On April 4, 1791, Seton wrote to Hamilton concerning “the request expressed in your letter of the 31st.” Letter not found. ]
[ Philadelphia, May 30, 1791. On June 7, 1791, William Seton wrote to Hamilton : “I … acknowledge the honor of your letter of the 30 May.” Letter not found. ] This letter was presumably the same as H to the President and Directors of the Massachusetts Bank, May 30, 1791 .
[ Philadelphia, December 8, 1791. On December 9, 1791, Washington wrote to Thomas Jefferson: “Yesterday afternoon Colo. Hamilton was desired, as soon as the Tariff was ready, to let it be known. Enclosed is his answer.” Letter not found. ] GW John C. Fitzpatrick, ed., The Writings of George Washington (Washington, 1931–1944). , XXXI, 442.
I am mortified My Dear Sir that I cannot have the pleasure of dining with you today as I promised; but I am so extremely deranged in point of health that I am compelled to stay at home repose & muse. Yrs. truly ALS , Columbia University Libraries. Read, a South Carolina Federalist, was a member of the United States Senate from 1795 to 1801.
[ Philadelphia, January 29, 1795. On February 7, 1795, Carrington wrote to Hamilton : “By the last mail I had the Honor to receive yours of the 29th. Ult.” Letter not found. ]
[ New York, April 20, 1790. Letter listed in dealer’s catalogue. Letter not found. ] ALS , sold by Stan V. Henkels, Jr., April 24, 1894, Item 72. Van Vechten was an Albany lawyer and Federalist politician.
[ Philadelphia, December 24, 1790. On January 3, 1791, Seton wrote to Hamilton : “all the purchasers chose to avail themselves of that indulgence, given in your Letter of the 24 Decbr.” Letter not found. ]
Colonel Hamtramck in his letter of the nineteenth of September, informs me that a quantity of medicine and Hospital stores have been sent for Fort Defiance, and that there is no such post in existence. He likewise informs me that Eleven Hogsheads of Clothing were received last fall at Detroit which were unaccompanied with an Invoice. With great considn— ( Df , in the handwriting of Thomas Y....
[ Philadelphia, May 17, 1790. Letter listed in dealer’s catalogue. Letter not found. ] LS , sold by John Heise, Syracuse, New York, 1926, Catalogue 1644, Item 39. Lansing was surveyor for the port of Albany, New York.
I have received your letter of the seventh of August, but I can not think it proper, on the facts which you state, to order direct the discharge which that is sollicited. I am however making further enquiry into the circumstances of the case in order to an ultimate decision. With great respect I am, Sir & &c. ( Df , in the handwriting of Thomas Y. How, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress).
[ Philadelphia, January 8, 1793. Letter listed in dealer’s catalogue. Letter not found. ] LS , sold by Carnegie Book Shop, New York City, 1938, Catalogue 66, Item 664.
You will please to discharge the inclosed account of Postage for the month of Sept. without delay— With great consideration Sir &c ( Df , in the handwriting of Ethan Brown, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress).
I have received your letter dated February 24th You are at liberty immediately to order Lieutenant Campbell Smith to join his Regiment with true consideration I am Sir Your obed Servt. ( Df , in the handwriting of Philip Church, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress).
I have received your letter of the seventh instant, and am sorry feel every disposition to comply with your request. There have been so many appointments however in the twelfth regiment from the Northern parts of the state that an immediate augmentation of the number would hardly consist wit h the principle of distribution— Wi th consn ( Df , in the handwriting of Thomas Y. How, Hamilton...
[ Philadelphia, March 25, 1783. On May 4, 1783, Schuyler wrote to Hamilton : “Your several favors of the 18th & 25th March and 2d. ult. were delivered me.” Letter of March 25 not found. ]
Treasury Department, February 26, 1793. Encloses “a small account against the United States, for a Seal for the use of the District Court of the State of Vermont.” Requests “the President’s permission for paying it.” LC , George Washington Papers, Library of Congress.
You will take the necessary measures for supplying the Troops in the district allotted to you with the articles specified in the Regulations of the War Department dated the 1st. March 1800. You are at liberty to employ as your Agents the Contractors or other persons as you may think fit. with true consider— &— ( Df , in the handwriting of Philip Church, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress).
ALS , Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan. This letter has not been released for publication.
Lieutenant Fergus has been put under marching orders for Alexandria in Virginia, but there has been so great a delay in the business that he will probably not set out before the Spring— You will take care that he be provided with all necessaries when he the means of transportation whenever he shall commence his march— The Detachment which the Officer commands contains between twenty and thirty...
Newark [ New Jersey ] September 1, 1786 . “We set out this afternoon on a journey to Anapolis in obedience to the appointment of the Legislature respecting the proposed commercial arrangements and are thus far on our journey. This of course renders it impossible for either of us to be at the intended trials in which Mr. Rensselaaer is concerned.” ALS , in writing of H, New-York Historical...
[ New York, June 5, 1799. On June 12, 1799, Smith wrote to Hamilton and acknowledged “the receipt of your Letter of the 5th. inst.” Letter not found. ]
These papers are not perfected—there are blanks not filled . The sums are not added up & the former expence is not brought forward with the additional latitude so as to shew a general result. Mr. Hamilton requests Mr. Coxe to have them immediately completed. He will call at Mr Coxe’s office at two to confer. AL , RG 58, Records of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, General Records, 1791–1803,...
[ Philadelphia, March 12, 1794. On July 1, 1794, Willink, Van Staphorst, and Hubbard wrote to Hamilton : “We have received your two esteemed favors of 12 March, and 8 May.” Letter of March 12 not found. ]
Treasury Department, January 13, 1794. “… applications similar to yours of the 11th instant should pass through the office of the Secretary at war—whence they will come to the Treasury.…” LS , Columbia University Libraries. Letter not found. This letter is endorsed “Answer’d.” Letter not found.
[ Head of Elk, Maryland, September 5, 1781. On September 6, 1781, Hamilton wrote to Elizabeth Hamilton : “Yesterday … I wrote to you, inclosing you a letter in one to your father, to the care of Mr. Morris.” Letter not found. ]
You will oblige me by delivering the enclosed letter to your Brother if at your house, should he be absent I will thank you to send it immediately to him by some safe conveyance as it is of importance— Yrs. huml. S— ( Df , in the handwriting of Ethan Brown, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress).
[ New York, August 13, 1800. On August 25, 1800, Schuyler wrote to Hamilton : “Your favor of the 13th Instant … was delivered me on Thursday last.” Letter not found. ]
Treasury Department, August 31, 1792. Encloses a copy of a letter which he has received from Francis Cabot. Concludes that if Lee is “satisfied of the truth of what is alleged, and no prosecution has been commenced, it will be agreeable to me that the wine be surrendered.” LS , RG 56, Letters to and from the Collector at Alexandria, National Archives; copy, RG 56, Letters to Collectors at...
Enclosed is a letter from Governor Jay—You will make immediate enquiry into the subject of it, and report to me— ( Df , in the handwriting of Thomas Y. How, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress).
[ Philadelphia, December 13, 1790. On June 6, 1791, William Ellery wrote to Hamilton : “I received a letter from the Surveyor of the Port of Warren some time ago inclosing a letter from you of the 13th. of Decr. 1790.” Letter not found. ] Phillips was surveyor of the ports of Warren and Barrington, Rhode Island. Printed in this volume.
[ New York, June 9, 1803. On August 6, 1803, De Saussure wrote to Hamilton : “I received your favor of the 9th June.” Letter not found. ]
It is my intention to regulate the allowance to you of Quarters and fuel, as well for the past as the future, by the following scale— 2 Rooms for Quarters for DPM General 1 Do. for the Asst to D.PM Genel 1 Do for Office— 1 Cord of Wood pr. month for Office These rates will therefore govern ( Df , in the handwriting of Thomas Y. How, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress).
I have done something but not what I intended—The sitting of two Courts & my professional engagements there prevent the execution of my plan. I no longer withold the paper lest circumstances should render it of any use. Most Affecty & resp ectfully DLC : Alexander Hamilton Papers.
[ Morristown, New Jersey, March 29, 1777. On April 2, 1777, the New York Committee of Correspondence, writing to Hamilton, stated: “We received Your’s of the 29th. Ultimo and are extream⟨ ly ⟩ sorry to hear of your Indisposition.” Letter not found. ]
[ New York, July 22, 1799. On September 7, 1799, Strong wrote to Hamilton : “I received your favour of the 22d. July.” Letter not found. ]
THE SUBSCRIBER has received nothing on account of the quota of this State for the present year. The New-York Packet. And the American Advertiser , October 17, 1782. The same letter, under the same date, was republished in New-York Packet of October 24, 1782. For similar letters to New-York Packet , see August 1 and September 1, 1782 .
[ Morristown, New Jersey, April 3, 1777. On April 8, 1777, the New York Committee of Correspondence wrote to Hamilton: “Yours of the third came safe⟨ly to hand⟩ this Day.” Letter not found. ]
[ New York, June 17, 1785. On the back of a letter that Forman wrote to Hamilton on May 31, 1785, Hamilton wrote : “Answered June 17th. 1785.” Letter not found. ]
Treasury Department, October 6, 1792. Requests information for report ordered by the Senate on May 7, 1792. LS , RG 46, Second Congress, 1791–1793, Reports of the Secretary of the Treasury (2A-F2), National Archives. Otis, who was secretary of the Senate, was the younger brother of James Otis and the father of Harrison Gray Otis. The contents of this letter are essentially the same as those of...
The amount due to the Bank does not appear in the papers except in a letter of Butlers in which he states it at 8900 Drs. But this was not the subject of my inquiry. I wanted to know the probable amount here of the Cargo which was assigned for our suit ought to be for that amount. Yrs.   with respect ALS , in a grangerized copy of [William Coleman] A Collection of the Facts and Documents,...
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 26th of August. With great considertn I am Sir & & ( Df , in the handwriting of Thomas Y. How, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress).
The General requests to see you at Head Quarters today, as he wishes to give you some directions previous to your setting out for Albany. Yr Most Obed Serv Will you be here to dinner? ALS , Northwestern University.
[ Philadelphia, February 7, 1794. On March 3, 1794, Ellery wrote to Hamilton : “I have received your letter of the 7th of Feby. last.” Letter not found. ]