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I. Memorandum from Henry Dearborn, 11 July 1803

I. Memorandum from Henry Dearborn

[ca. May 1803]

Republican. Fedl.
Heads of Departments— } 6. 0
including the Post M. G.
secondery officers in the
above Departments—
} 2  5
Clerks in said departmts. 19  77
Foreign Ministers 3  0
Judges 8  25
District Attorneys 17  2
Marshalls 16  3
Territorial Officers 4  6
Surveyors Genl. 1  1
Collectors of the customs 23  41
others officers in the customs who
receive considerable pay
} 25  50
Loan officers  4   9
128  219
Officers of the Army 38  140
Do—of the Navy 7  70
Marine Corps  0   29
1761 458
Indian Agents 6  4

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 235:42199); in Henry Dearborn’s hand; undated, but see below.

The absence of a Federalist at Dearborn’s entry for foreign ministers indicates that he compiled this list after Rufus King had officially left his position as U.S. minister to Great Britain in May 1803. In June, Monroe proceeded to London as the new U.S. minister, carrying a commission dated 18 Apr. (Vol. 39:66; Vol. 40:229-30).

surveyors genl.: on 7 Apr. 1803, TJ appointed Isaac Briggs to the newly established office of surveyor general of lands south of the state of Tennessee and, on 21 May, asked Jared Mansfield to replace Federalist Rufus Putnam as surveyor general of lands north and west of the Ohio River. Mansfield traveled to Washington in early June to converse with Albert Gallatin and obtain more information on the office, but it is not clear when Dearborn knew of the proposed change. At the time Dearborn prepared his list, the Republican Briggs had taken office and Putnam remained the surveyor general (Vol. 40:12, 410-12, 497, 717).

collectors of the customs: not all are included in Dearborn’s count of 64. Seventy-eight collectorships were listed in the 1802 roll of government officers. Using the up-to-date list of external revenue officers provided by Gallatin, TJ tabulated (Document II) 85 collectors—35 Republicans, 47 Federalists, and 3 who were neutral (ASP description begins American State Papers: Documents, Legislative and Executive, of the Congress of the United States, Washington, D.C., 1832-61, 38 vols. description ends , Miscellaneous, 1:261-80; Enclosure No. 3, listed at Gallatin to TJ, [11 July 1803], first letter).

Although the president sent promotions for officers of the army to the Senate for confirmation, he left the recommendations up to Dearborn and did not include the nominations in his chronological list (Vol. 40:717-18). Because of the established process for handling military promotions, the officers were overwhelmingly Federalist (Vol. 39:551-2, 614-15; TJ to William Duane, 24 July). TJ followed the same procedure with Robert Smith for navy and marine corps appointments (Vol. 39:600, 614-15; Vol. 40:10; Robert Smith to TJ, 27 Mch. 1804). Early in the process, TJ decided not to include military appointments in his tabulations.

1Thus in MS. The actual sum is “173.”

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