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5316th. (Adams Papers)
This day I dined at Mr. C. B. Wadström’s. In the evening I went to the assembly here, of which there are sixteen every winter. This was the first for this winter. I return’d home at about 11. o’clock. In the margin of the entry are three small pencil sketches: several figures seated around a table; a man and woman dancing; and two couples dancing in a circle.
5327th. (Adams Papers)
I dined at Mr. C. B. Wadström’s with a great deal of company. In the evening I went to the play, which can indeed hardly be call’d a play. However, it is as much as this small town can allow. After the play I return’d to Mr. Wadström’s where with all the company. In the margin is a small pencil sketch of two figures standing before a backdrop. Laid in between pages two and three of the Diary...
5338th. (Adams Papers)
I dined at Mr. Pasch’s with a great deal of company. We had a ball, in the evening which did not break up till about 4 o’clock in the morning of the 9th.
5349th. (Adams Papers)
Dined at Mr. Körners. In the evening I went to the assembly; at about 10 o’clock I return’d and supp’d at Mr. Körners.
53510th. (Adams Papers)
Dined with Mr. C. B. Wadström: bad weather all day.
53611th. (Adams Papers)
Snow storm, all day. Dined at Mr. Wadström’s.
53712th. (Adams Papers)
This day I went into the country, and spent the day at Mr. Kanterberg’s the brother in law of Mr. Wadström.
53813th.[–16th]. (Adams Papers)
This morning Mr. Schiebe set out for Gottenburgh Göteborg . I am to overtake him to morrow morning in Linkiöping. I dined at old Mr. Wadström’s and in the evening I went to the assembly. At about 10 o’clock I return’d and supped at old Mr. Wadström’s; went to my Lodgings and ordered horses, and at about 2. o’clock. A.M. of the 14th. I set out for Linkiöping where I arriv’d at about 7. o’clock....
53917th. (Adams Papers)
This Day I went with Mr. Schiebe to the exchange, and met there with Count Greco, who has been here already a week. He proposed to me to go with him and two other gentlemen to take a tour to Drolhetta Trollhättan where there are famous water falls about 8. Sweedish miles from this Place; he told me they shall set out to morrow, and I agreed to go with them. In the afternoon I went and...
54018th. (Adams Papers)
I left Gottenburg this morning in Company with Count Greco, Mr. Khrumppöck a Sea officer in the Dutch service, and Mr. Gadelius a young Swedish gentleman who belongs to Ud d evalla, we are at present (10 o’clock. P.M.) about half ways to Drolhetta; the roads are not very agreable (as we are with a coach,) on account of the Snow.